How Pets with Chronic Conditions Benefit from Functional Veterinary Medicine

veterinary medicine

The Quantum Stones family are huge friends of four-legged friends of all kinds, and we’ve shared how to Promote Pet Health and Happiness Using Stones and Crystals, as well as promoted how using calcium montmorillonite clay mineral detoxes can help balance their digestive systems and deter parasites while promoting greater health. Today, we’re focusing on how you can use holistic, functional veterinary medicine to help your pet live a longer, happier life.

Traditional Vets vs. Functional Practitioners

veterinary medicineThe veterinary system of most practitioners focuses on acute care of illness and trauma situations requiring urgent diagnosis and treatments like surgery and medication. This is the best way to go for emergency situations; however, this approach symptomatic approach rarely tends to the underlying cause of your pet’s chronic conditions or illnesses. Functional veterinary medicine on the other hand, shifts from taking the allopathic approach to taking a more holistic one in order to address your pet’s overall health, as opposed to merely treating symptoms.

The Benefits of Functional Veterinary Medicine

1. Identifying Complex, Chronic Diseases: Veterinarians that take the holistic approach work much like chiropractors by researching your pet’s unique genetic makeup and their exposure levels to toxins including vaccines, environmental pollutants, and prescription drugs. This helps them treat underlying factors to help your pet get the help they need to recover or at least to live their lives in less discomfort.

2. Holistic Treatment and Therapy Options: Functional veterinarians understand that there’s no one solution for all animals, even those with the same or similar conditions. By assessing the causes and addressing approaches involving dietary concerns, exercise regiments, and nutritional supplements, they can help you avoid costly treatments and expensive drugs that can actually make your pet sicker.

3. Immune System Disorder Relief & More: The fact that these vets go the extra mile, has allowed functional practitioners the ability to help pets see dramatic improvements with chronic issues such as heart disease, allergies, immune system disorders, cancer, and diabetes when traditional medicine has failed. The ‘whole pet approach’ promotes overall health and wellness, even in the absence of chronic illnesses.

4. Non-Invasive Testing: Due to the high costs of many invasive tests, vets and fur boss parents may avoid certain tests altogether and never understand the cause of their pet’s poor health. However, specialized holistic veterinarians take an integrative, science-based approach to health care considering the pet’s history, lifestyle and physiological conditions in mind to accurately diagnose their condition and come up with innovative solutions.

veterinary medicine

If your pet is suffering from a chronic condition or has been diagnosed with one that other veterinarians consider terminal and ‘not worth treating,’ you should treat your pet to a visit to a doctor who specializes in functional medicine. These experts integrate modern medicine concepts into a treatment program that uses surgical procedures and medications as a last resort, rather than a first one.

Has your pet suffered from a chronic condition that mystified traditional veterinarians, but seemed to improve through natural healing methods? Share your story below, and feel free to share this article on your website and with your friends who love animals, too.

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