How To Use Crystals To Stimulate The Crown Chakra And Boost Your Musical Creativity

Crown Chakra

Listening to ‘happy’ music improves creative thinking, according to a 2017 PLOS ONE study. Despite disputes between researchers about whether listening to music while engaged in an unrelated creative task is a help or a hindrance to creativity in the moment, few would argue that the act of making music is anything other than creatively stimulating. Indeed, the power of music to influence health and energy is widely appreciated, and many people play instruments at home to stimulate their creativity. If you want to enhance the creative process while making music, you might be surprised to learn that there are a couple of crystals that can help you.

Crown Chakra

Harnessing the power of fire energy

Feng Shui tells us that there are five elements critical to balancing all energy. These are earth, wood, metal, water and fire, and fire is the energy associated with warmth, passion, love and creativity. Fire energy is, therefore, the energy you want to stimulate in order to increase your creativity through music.

Fire energy can be stimulated by violet crystals, which have the power to connect us to our pasts, our dreams, and ultimately, to ourselves. This is because they are associated with the crown chakra, which controls our response to our environment and connects us to the higher plane. The crown chakra allows our energy to reach beyond the body to find truth and enlightenment, and using violet crystals can enhance this process. Two crystals you can use for this are lithium quartz and ametrine.

Lithium quartz to relax and stimulate creativity

Crown ChakraLithium quartz is the healing crystal of the crown chakra and is associated with intuition and dreams. It is often used in meditation when the objective is to understand a dream, and it is also used for healing. Just as music can induce relaxation, so can lithium quartz, and keeping it in the room while you’re playing can help to enhance this process, thus stimulating creativity.

If you’re interested in exploring music as a creative outlet but don’t yet play an instrument, a guitar is a good place to begin, as the basic techniques are easy to learn. Guitar teachers recommend classical guitars for new players as they have a wider neck than acoustic guitars, which allows you to stretch your fingers more quickly and exert less pressure on them. Place lithium quartz in your practice space, or wear it around your neck, to help you relax into the music and stimulate your creative energy as you learn.

Ametrine for inspiration

Crown ChakraAnother helpful crystal to wear or to keep in the room while you’re playing music is ametrine. This will help to focus the elements of the Universal Life Force that contribute to creativity. As well as balancing the crown chakra, ametrine can help you if you’re feeling blocked or lacking in inspiration: a valuable tool if you want to write your own music. It is often seen as a talisman for creative practices, and any creative process, be it painting, writing or playing music, can benefit from its presence.

Playing music is known to enhance your creativity and help you relax, but sometimes it’s easier to access that creativity if you stimulate the crown chakra and the fire energy associated with it. To do this simply and in a way that allows you to focus on learning or practicing your craft, try wearing lithium quartz and amertrine, or keep them in your music space to get the creative juices flowing.


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