Could Musical Frequencies Have Healing Powers?

Musical Frequencies

The power of music goes back to the ancient history of humanity’s past. Whether it’s the message being sung, or the rhythm of it’s song, music is powerful.

Anyone with ears has turned to music to reduce the symptoms of stress, but until recently, the effects of music have been passed off as some urban legend. Now science is finally studying the area of musical phenomena, and some interesting things have been discovered. There’s much to be studied and confirmed, but there are some fascinating scientific discoveries that have people questioning music’s impact on human beings…    

Music And Intention

Many of us are already familiar with the famous water experiment by scientist Masaru Emoto. For those out of the loop, the study looked at the effects of words and emotions on water. Positive or negative words and phrases like “hope,” “I love you,” and “You make me sick,” were taped onto water samples. These samples were then “treated” by having the word or phrase spoken out loud while feeling the associated emotion. Finally, they were frozen and then put under the microscope.

The before and after pictures revealed a startling change in the water samples. Even more astounding was how the water samples with the positive words developed beautiful crystalline water molecules of the positive words. This experiment brought up many questions around the validity of the study and what was really at work. Emoto took his studies further by studying intention on rice, and once again, the results showed that positive thoughts and emotions had a powerful impact. You didn’t need a microscope to see that though, because the rice samples that got the “negative treatment” were covered in mold and emitting a less-than-pleasant odor.

Musical Frequencies

In 2005, Emoto wanted to see if intention was a power in itself, and so him and his team stepped his studies up by testing intention on water. Across the world no less! Water samples were placed in a room in Los Angeles with an electromagnetic shield that would block out the electromagnetic influence of the brain and the heart (thoughts and emotions). Halfway across the globe in Tokyo, a group of 2,000 people were shown a picture of these water samples. The group were given basic instructions, and then they said a prayer for the water which lasted all of 5 minutes. Then the samples were wrapped up and sent to the lab for testing.

Let me stress that these water samples were shielded from the electromagnetic energy of thought and emotion, and they were prayed for — via picture — by people 5,000 miles away.

The results? Neither distance nor electromagnetic blocks could stop the formation of the water’s beautiful and crystalline transformation. So, can we conclude that the thoughts and emotions put into a song can have a physical affect on us? If you have any doubts, a look at the frequencies of emotional/mental states ought to clear that up…   Emotional Resonance Scale

Scientists have discovered that the Earth naturally produces sound frequencies (aka the Schumann Resonances). Amazingly, the frequencies overlap with the frequencies of human brainwaves. The lowest Schumann resonance that averages out at 7.83 Hz has been especially intriguing. This electromagnetic frequency oscillates around 8 Hz, and the alpha brainwaves that correlate with an active, alert, and calm state of mind just happen to range between 8 and 12 Hz.

Given the connection between the Schumann resonance and the brain, Scientists have pondered the idea that Earth’s electromagnetic “noise” plays a role in human everyday life. The research done so far shows a very interesting connection between the Schumann resonances and human health and behavior.

Earthy Frequencies

This idea may sound like bull or seem to foreign to grasp, but the biological impact of the earth’s resonances are well known to NASA. Rumor has it that early astronauts suffered a “space sickness” after leaving the resonance of Earth’s ionosphere. It’s claimed that this is now countered with special resonators that emit a 7.83 Hz frequency. Whether this story is true or not, Studies by biophysicist Dieter Broers reveal an incredible connection between human behavior and electromagnetic frequencies. His work shows that certain tones don’t just impact humanity, but they trigger the production of DMT and induce higher states of consciousness. These frequencies are powerful! And they’re the secret to our powerful Seed Of Life Amulets.

432 Hertz

Now enters the great 432 Hz vs 440 Hz debate. Many people are arguing for music to be tuned to a musical scale that sets A at 432 Hz (with C at 256 Hz) rather than the 44o Hz that pretty well became the global standard around 1950. Supporters have a long argument supporting 432 Hz, but it’s of interest here because 432 Hz resonates with 8Hz (the Schumann resonance). While they have different vibrations, it’s said they share a harmonic likeness which has them vibrating together as would two like-tuning forks. It’s this science of sympathetic resonance and coupled oscillators that has led to a new realm of music known as “brain entrainment.” Whether 432 Hz is superior to 440 Hz is of hot debate, but studies show that like interacts with like — be it brainwaves, tuning forks, body parts, or guitars.

432 Hertz

Sacred Solfeggio Frequencies

The 440 Hz conspiracy continues on with the 528 Hz fan club. This frequency takes us into a fascinating realm of music that goes far back in ancient history. Around 1000 AD,  a sacred musical scale was developed that consisted of six tones known as Solfeggio frequencies. This scale is attributed to Benedectine monk Guido d’Arezzo, and it’s claimed that the tones brought humanity in tune with nature and the universe. The Solfeggio scale made a comeback to modern times thanks to Dr. Joseph Puleo and, what could be called divine intervention and inspiration. The ancient tones caught the ear of energy healers familiar with the power of energy vibrations are using tones in healing. One such healing technique, Soma Energetics, uses the sacred Solfeggio frequencies in conjunction with specialized tuning forks to read and adjust the body’s frequency.

It sounds like a radical and ridiculous healing modality, but the Solfeggio scale consists of tones at 396 Hz (Ut), 417Hz (Re), 528Hz (Mi), 639Hz (Fa), 741Hz (Sol), 852Hz (La). They co-relate with particular bible verses, and specific chakras and colors (more woo-woo, I know). But things get even more interesting because of a connection with the Pythagorean theorem. Mathematics are beyond my own braid, but it’s said this ancient formula brings up the numbers 3, 6, and 9, which ties both to the bible and the mathematical concepts of Pythagoras.

Sacred Solfeggio Frequencies

Groundbreaking innovators John Keely and Nikola Tesla alluded to the powers of 3, 6, and 9, and evidence suggests they used them for their projects within science and engineering (projects which were well beyond their time). Could it be that the vibratory powers of 3, 6, and 9 extend to human mind and emotions? The universe even?

I could go on all day about this, but it’s time to wrap up this delectable black hole of possibilities. So what can we conclude from all this? Obviously, there’s a lot for us to study and explore. But that being said, science is absolutely in agreement that everything that is boils down to energy and vibration. So, you can wait for scientists to fund studies and publish new theories — but why wait to explore potential possibilities when you have your very own laboratory right there in your living room?


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