Akashic Reading
I had my first ever Akashic reading with Monie a couple of weeks ago, i must say I wasn't sure what to expect, but Monie's energy immediately put me at ease.I was told to think of questions and ask for clarifications that my higher self may have the answers to while my Akashic was open. Monie was very clear and thorough with the incoming responses, even with those that made little sense, Monie clarified their meanings perfectly.I really appreciated the time I spent with Monie because she confirmed the long time queries I had as a soul being, she also gave me unexpected additional information relating to my queries.I would therefore recommend Monie to anyone that is on a spiritual journey and needs that extra guidance or assistance, or even if you are just generally interested and wants to know whom you are as an individual and to know what lessons you need to overcome to improve your life, you wont be disappointed.Monie has a lot to offer so why not give her a try?