What to Expect From a Spiritual Energy and Entity Clearing

Entity Clearing

Perhaps you can sense the presence of negative energies and entities or have had them identified during a spiritual healing or energy cleansing session. So, now what? There’s a good chance that these attachments have been with you for a while—or even across several lifetimes. Unfortunately, the longer entities invade your auric field, the more challenges they can put forth during energy and entity cleansing efforts.

Entity Clearing

The Benefits of Energy Cleansing and Entity Removal

How long the process takes or how many sessions are needed to cleanse entities depends on the nature of their presence, how many there are, their level of darkness, and how intense their stronghold to your field is. The goal of every session is to assist clients in:

  • Clearing away the energetic presence or residue of entities
  • Feeling ‘complete’ and more energetic
  • Experiencing greater clarity, optimism, and awareness
  • Feeling less emotionally cluttered
  • Greater sense of ease and peacefulness
  • Feeling less attached to a particular outcome
  • Feeling a sense of being in the right place at the right time
  • Promoting greater healing, health, and well being

Entity Clearing

The Clearing and Recovering Process

These clearings can take anywhere from a few minutes up to a few hours. During the clearing, clients are encouraged to make themselves comfortable by engaging in a pleasurable activity or simply relaxing. One should not indulge in a bath or be in the water during the cleansing, as water as a magnifier of energy can actually make the process more challenging for both the client and the healer.

Highly sensitive persons may feel things shifting internally during the clearing, but not experiencing this also is fine. The key to a successful energy and entity cleansing experience is to allow yourself to be conscious of any strong emotions that arise and to release them.

What makes both in-person and remote sessions possible is because of the intense, powerful akashic energy field that all living beings are connected to. The Akashic realm is a gateway between the 3-D world and the 5-D world, which is where one can attain a more meaningful state of awareness and allow for successful manipulation of energy and removal of unclean presences.

Entity Clearing

Self-Care After Entity and Energy Clearing Sessions

After clearings, many say they feel lighter, calmer, and more serene. Some may feel physically and energetically drained after an intensive spiritual cleansing. Essentially, everyone has a different experience and reaction during and after sessions. Some periods of recovery from the release and recharging of energy may take more time than others.

It is not necessary—or even advised in many cases—to do all of the healing and clearing work at the same time. Those with multiple energy blockages or unwanted attachments may experience greater success with several sessions to incrementally adjust to their new energy field.

To maintain balance and avoid attracting entities, many opt to take follow-up courses to learn to do much of the energy work themselves. Discover energetic imbalances and negative entities that may be impeding your life…consult with certified energy and healing practitioner to discuss your needs and concerns.


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