Signs You May Need an Energy Clearing and Entity Removal

Energy Clearing and Entity Removal

Entities are spirits or other forms of energy that surround you all the time, but not all entities are undesirable. Some desirable entities include angels, guides, and deceased loved ones that may be assigned to you with aim of keeping you safe and on a productive healthy path. Others may simply come and go or be called by you as you need them.

Energy Clearing and Entity Removal

Identifying Negative Entities

In contrast, there are undesirable negative energies that attach to an individual’s auric field. Some of the most typical negative sentients that energy workers encounter include:

  • Underworld Entities and Energies
  • Foreign Entities and Energies / Lost Souls
  • Galactic Entities and Energies
  • Dimensional Entities
  • Ancestral Ties / Soul Contracts
  • Spells, Curses, Hexes
  • Soul Damage / Entwinements / Fragmentations

Generally, the goal of such entities is to gain strength from your self-doubts and fears to use for their own evil intentions and to boost their power. It’s also not unusual for there to be more than one of these presences invading a person, and the darker and stronger the force or forces are, the more havoc they can cause in your life.

Energy Clearing and Entity Removal

Why Entities May Attach to Your Spiritual Essence

It isn’t unusual for these internal entities to be the source of irrational responses in dangerous or critical situations that result in making matters worse. They can come from anywhere…in public places, in your own home, past experiences during youth or adulthood, or even be passed along through generational and genetic history.

Entities may simply be attracted to your energy and decide they like it better than a previous inhabitant. Those with low energy or some type of ‘dis’ease are prime targets for these invasions, and they will set up shop without you being initially aware of your unwitting ‘invitation’.

Energy Clearing and Entity Removal

Symptoms of the Presence of Negative Entities

Self-awareness is extremely important in identifying negative entities and cluttered energy fields. Many of the symptoms of their existence can present themselves under the guise of common physical or mental health issues. However, a certified energy reader can identify between authentic health concerns and symptoms sourced by entities and actually can reveal their nature.

Some signs that are commonly experienced by those being affected by negative sentiments include:

  • Ongoing Negative / Irrational Thoughts or Fears
  • Hopelessness / Severe Depression
  • Suicidal Thoughts
  • Extreme Body Pains / Continual Headaches or Migraines
  • Emotional Disturbances
  • Recurring Negative Dreams
  • Disturbed / Interrupted Sleep
  • Hindrances in Career or Income

If medical intervention is not resolving existing problems of the mind, body, and spirit, assistance may be experienced with an energy clearing and sessions to remove the harmful entity or entities.


Take the First Steps Towards Reclaiming Your Life Force & Harmony

These clearings are the first step towards reconnecting with the true spirit within by removing static and clutter. Once these negative energies are eradicated, it’s not uncommon to uncover other spiritual issues that need work and attention.

Skilled practitioners offer ongoing assistance and guidance to help clients reclaim their power and stave off dark forces through life coaching sessions that train you to reweave the fabric of your own reality. If you are ready to free yourself and perhaps even learn tools to cleanse your own auric field and keep negative entities at bay, schedule in-person or remote energy and entity-clearing session today.


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