The Advantages of Spiritual Counseling Approaches vs Traditional Therapy

Spiritual Counseling

When you meet with a conventional therapist or counselor, the focus tends to remain narrow. However, spiritual counseling takes a holistic approach that focuses on the ‘whole’ of the client through addressing the mind, body, and spirit. One doesn’t need to be of any certain religion or any at all to take advantage of the restorative benefits of spiritual counseling sessions.

Spiritual counseling focuses on a Higher Power—regardless of what that might be for you. When connected to your God, Source or Higher Power, healing can be approached in a deliberate manner. Let’s explore some of the advantages of spiritual counseling before comparing this modality to traditional psychotherapy techniques.

Spiritual Counseling

Achieve New Goals Through Elevation & Growth

Forming a solid connection with your Higher Power through spiritual counseling allows you to move through life with an all-present, non-judgmental partner of sorts. This bond opens up pathways for greater achievements and growth as a whole versus experiencing triumphs and challenges feeling companionless. Unity with this Source serves as a support system that allows you to move forward more consciously with love and compassion in action and thought.

Rediscover Your Values & Embrace Your Inner Power

When we face certain struggles, it’s easy to lose sight of what is truly important to us, and might even feel our own sense of values, purpose and self-worth diminish. Spiritual counseling sessions encourage you to look within to rediscover values or form new ones that help you become more mindful of inactions of the mind, body, and spirit. Finding a renewed or new purpose in life gives one a greater sense of empowerment.

Expelling Negative Thoughts & Making the Shift

Negative thoughts and self-doubts can diminish the spirit, hindering efforts to move forward with goals while remaining mindful of the present moment. Spiritual counselors are intuitive, and express care for clients—not through sympathy—but through expressions of a compassionate heart. Focusing on the present moment as opposed to the past or fears of the future, allows you to shift thoughts in a more positive and affirming direction.

Find a Greater Sense of Peace

If you struggle to find a sense of peace within yourself due to traumatic events, situations you were born into, or just have feelings that karma from previous existences are seeping into your consciousness, spiritual counseling could be an ideal solution. They can help you release pain sourced by such trauma by surrendering to the comfort of a Higher Being that promotes feelings of peace and positivity as you move towards the future.

Spiritual Counseling

Traditional Counseling Versus Spiritual Counseling

The goals of traditional psychotherapy are similar to those of spiritual counseling but they approach clients a bit differently. Therapists often have a narrow focus when determining the root of their patient’s issues and may place a heavy emphasis on discovering your pain, fears, triggers, and anxieties. They work towards helping one change conditions sourcing these feelings. However, spiritual counselors are interested in these emotions but strive to uncover hidden beliefs and emotions with the goal of changing past thoughts and fears to relieve current symptoms.

Therapists spend a lot of time focusing on your childhood history to search for psychiatric or personality damage that may require medication or intensive therapy. They also explore your emotional and developmental history within your family setting. While spiritual counselors also look into basic beliefs that result from childhood experiences, they are more interested in repeating patterns of thoughts put in place during childhood that remain active in the subconscious mind. Sessions typically work on freeing or altering those repeating patterns of thought.

Traditional counselors empower clients to better adjust to life by assisting them through their fears to create a more harmonious balance. Spiritual counselors have the same mission, but assist clients to live in harmony through a connection via Oneness with the self as love. Spiritual counseling approaches overall allow you to discover what you’re going through and help with a reconnection with a Higher Power to facilitate healing of you as a ‘whole’ —mind, body, and spirit.


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