The Difference Between Akashic Record Readings and Tarot Readings

Akashic Record Readings

The question, “What is the difference between Akashic Record readings and tarot sessions?” On the most basic level, Akashic Record readings come from a broader set of data, aka, your “Book of Life,” which is the soul’s entire history of existence.

In turn, tarot comes in numerous forms and is a specific divination tool most often used to answer certain questions with hints of the future. Let’s delve deeper into their specific differences, the benefits of each, and how they can ultimately work together to benefit recipients of these life-changing readings.

Akashic Record Readings

The Intention and Purposes of Tarot Readings

There are several types of tarot, but the most common involves the use of colorful illustrated cards—cards that are said to be indicative of one’s past, present, and possible future situations and possibilities. Some readers have authentic psychic or intuitive abilities they employ in unison with what cards are pulled.

Sometimes essential oils and crystals come into readings to enhance the environment and assist the cards and reader better ‘answer’ the seeker’s questions. Many consider tarot to be a form of cold reading that doesn’t necessarily tell one’s future, but attempts to pre-empt potential outcomes determined by choices during one’s journey.

tarot readings

Common questions asked or referred to in tarot readings include:

  • Is moving to a new city a good choice?
  • Will my career or business grow more successful soon?
  • When will I find a lifemate?
  • Will I have children?
  • How are transitioned loved ones, and do they have messages for me?

Be sure to discuss the type or types of tarot services readers offer before agreeing to a session.

Unlocking the Perfect Blueprint of the Soul with Akashic Records Readings

Every soul in existence has an energetic field, and energies of their past, present and future are stored in the Akashic Records. This storehouse is always expanding as every soul adds to its record throughout its existence. Through trance, hypnosis, prayer recitation, or shamanic journeying, Akashic Record readers can tap into this universal warehouse.

They receive these insights and translate them in such a way that allows one to understand life’s lessons, their higher purpose, and to find resolution at the soul level. Because of this universal vault’s vastness, a reader might ask you about any specific time periods or information you are seeking to maximize your experience. However, many choose to let Spirit guide the healer towards the information that will be most beneficial.

These sessions consider all possibilities, explores elements one can change, and guides soul searchers toward the best possible results depending on the power and path they choose to embrace. Some insights people gain in these readings are their soul purpose in life, their spiritual gifts, and what people they align with—and even where they are from beyond this planetary existence.

Akashic Record Readings

How Tarot Readings and Akashic Record Readings Differ

For all intents and purposes, both types of readings can be helpful for those seeking to expand their spiritual development in directions that align with their Universal purpose and Higher Self. However, there are some differences between Akashic Record Readings and Tarot Readings.

Tarot readings are a source of information and insight for those seeking clarity about particular problems, events or who have specific questions. More specific details may surface with tarot cards, whereas Akashic records provide a greater overview of one’s soul during various lifetimes.

Akashic Record readings provide more information about what you are here to learn in this existence. These readings go much deeper than tarot readings that tend to focus on one’s current life as opposed to exploring the deeper picture of the experience of spirit throughout all time.

Tarot readings don’t tend to lead to answers about how to achieve possible outcomes. However, Akashic Record readings can provide solid information about how to clear away old patterns in order to move forward.

Whether you choose to see a tarot reader, Akashic records reader, a crystal healer or other type of guide to propel your spiritual journey, be prepared for a transformative experience!Akashic Records Reading


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