The Different Ways We Can Sense Crystal Energy

Crystal Energy

There’s no doubt that crystals and precious gemstones possess incredible energy. With the ability to emit vibrations which resonate with our bodies at a cosmic and material level, crystals have proven their worth beyond what’s considered mystic. Modern electronics and data storage owe it to the awesome power of crystals for their very existence. A vast wealth of crystals exist, with each of them capable of emitting idiosyncratic vibrations that have unique and resounding effects on the body and mind. There are plenty of ways to view how crystals function and how their powers work when paired with your unique essence. Here are a few different ways which crystals and their mystic influence over our energy can be assessed.

Crystals and Their Healing Properties

Crystals contain powerful cosmic energies that help us reconnect with the natural world around us. While every stone has unique powers that make them vital to specific mystical needs, the most popular and prominent quality among stones is that of healing. Healing stones are able to focus the positive intentions of a user by balancing the behavior of one’s natural vibrations. By being tuned to the organic vibrations of the Earth, good intentions of the mind and spirit are interwoven with the currents of the world around us, making them present and tangible. When trying to decide which healing stone is best suited for you, the rule of thumb is to trust your sensory instincts. By holding a crystal and projecting one’s intention onto it, be aware if any sensations begin to arise. Depending on the feeling you get from a crystal, that will let you know if it’s beneficial to your particular intentions.

Gauging Crystal Energy

Understanding how to evaluate the energy and quality of a crystal is a useful skill to have. Given the great variety of stones that are provided by the Earth, knowing how to read their energy and assess their efficiency is important. Being able to determine which of your hands is used for sending or receiving energy is vital for reading crystals. Typically, your non-dominant hand is meant for receiving and the dominant is meant for sending. Similar to how jewelry appraisal is an invested process that can reveal the worth of a jewel, knowing how to assess a crystal’s energy offers greater insight into how certain crystals relate to your own resonance.

Crystals and Crystal Energy Chakra

Along the spine exists seven nodes for transferring energy throughout the body. These conduits are known as chakras. Each chakra is affiliated with a particular part of the body, and stones can be utilized to clear and restore the flow of energy between chakras. When regulated by stones, chakras can enhance whichever aspect of the body/mind they are affiliated with. For example, the sixth Chakra is referred to as the third eye and is responsible for spiritual awareness and intuition. The color of its energy is indigo, so stones such as Lapis Lazuli resonate with this particular chakra point, allowing for clearer flow of energy.

The energy emitted by crystals has a profound influence over our transient being. Through familiarizing yourself with crystals and their properties, an effective and insightful bond can be established between you and your stones of preference. 


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