The Power of Stones to Heal Your Life

Power of Stones

Stones and crystals have been used for centuries as powerful healing tools. They can help to remove energetic blockages or reinforce and bolster certain energies.

There are many different ways that you can use stones in your life. Wear them as jewelry, set them around your home as decorations, or work with them as a meditation focus. Here are a few ways that stones can benefit you in all aspects of your life.

Power of Stones

Promote Love

Love is an emotion that you likely want to experience more of in your life. There are all kinds of ways that stones are used to show and enhance love. Engagement rings are a tradition that symbolizes lasting love. The diamond conveys a meaning of love, faithfulness, and commitment.

You don’t have to limit yourself to diamond rings if you want to show love. One of the most powerful crystals for love is rose quartz. You can carry it with you to remain open to having more love through friendships and romances and to commit to self-love.

A good stone to use along with rose quartz is lapis lazuli that will assist with communication, which can improve all of your relationships. If you are having difficulty with someone close to you, this can help you to express yourself effectively.

Absorb Negativity

Negative emotions are common to feel within yourself and your surroundings. These feelings can drain your energy and it is useful to use stones to alleviate them. A great stone that can help absorb negativity is black tourmaline. This is beautiful when worn as a pendant or to carry with you.

Another good one for negativity is bloodstone. It can draw off negative energy that you experience in your environment. You may want to place this gem around your home, especially near any entrances.

Power of Stones

Enhance Positive Emotions

Warding off and eliminating negativity is a great first step to feeling happier, but you can also boost positive emotions. If you are looking for a more grounded mood then obsidian is something to consider. Jade will help to calm you down and turquoise can be a solid choice to experience peace and personal power. A wonderful option if you are looking to enhance your creativity is carnelian, while sapphire brings prosperity and happiness.

Set Intentions and Manifest

When you are looking to draw more positive experiences into your life it can be helpful to use stones to focus your intentions. Citrine is good for attracting abundance. Clear quartz is a power stone that can be programmed with any intention, so this versatile crystal is a common pick for beginners and to amplify any intention that you have.

Power of Stones

Provide Protection

Sometimes you may feel that your energy is being affected by those around you or environmental factors out of your control. When this is the case you can reach for a stone that will protect you.

Pyrite and shungite are effective in reducing the effects of EMF emissions from electronic devices. Fluorite prevents psychic attacks on your energy and kyanite can assist you as you deal with any manipulation and bullying.

Boost Physical and Emotional Wellbeing

There are some stones that are specific to healing your body and spirit. Amethyst is a great choice if you are seeking wisdom and deeper spirituality. Moonstone will allow you to find your true self. Finally, you can select a type of agate that appeals to you to use as a calming agent and to find good health.

The most important part of working with crystals and stones is to find something that resonates with you without getting too attached to the conventional meaning of the stone. Go with what you feel drawn to. Take some time when you go to make a purchase and think about which ones you feel connected to. As you become more comfortable with working with gemstones, you will naturally gravitate to the ones that will benefit you the most.


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