Xhosa Dream Root~ For Contacting Ancestor Spirits, Lucid Dreaming and Dream Recall. – The Complete Guide

Silene Capensis Xhosa Dream Root

Xhosa can help you cultivate your natural ability to Lucid Dream!

It’s known to be a potent lucid dreaming aid that can help you get in better touch with your ancestral spirits and your dreamworld!

From making dreams more vivid, improving your ability to remember your dreams and helping you get in contact with your guardian spirits, ancestors or helpful dream characters.

Here is a complete guide of information about Xhosa Dream Root and how Xhosa can be used for Lucid Dreaming!

What is Xhosa?

Xhosa Dream Root, (Or “Silene capensis“) is a herb that grows wild in the eastern cape of South Africa.

It has been known to increase vivid lucid dreams with those who consume it over a period of 5-7 days!


Dried Xhosa Dream Root

It actually has quite a few uses but we’ll get to those in just a little while. First here is a brief history of the herb.

Native to the Eastern Cape of South Africa the Xhosa people have been using Silene capensis for more then 1000 years. They regard it as a sacred and holy plant. In their language its called “iindlela zimhlophe” which roughly translates to white paths/white ways. They use it in special ceremonies to call upon thier ancestors for dreams of prophesis and divination. These ceremonies usually last up to about 3 days.

What is Xhosa used for? Several things –

  • Increases Lucid Dreaming
  • Enhances Dream Memory
  • Improves Mental Cognition (Like a nootropic)
  • Relaxes The Nervous System

Xhosa Dream Root for Increasing Awareness While Dreaming

Xhosa Dream Root is mostly used for Lucid Dreaming!

This is because the natural compounds in the root help your dreams become more vivid, improves dream recall/memory and has been said to give ‘prophetic or divine visions’ within your dreamworld. It’s one of the most powerful dream herbs out there! (You can find this rare herb here!)

The increased activity is likely due to the “saponin” content found in Xhosa Dream Root and it’s reported to be a ‘great lesson’ for lucid dreamers of all types, whether your a beginner or a seasoned pro this herb can help you learn something new, even spectacular! Keep in mind these herbs are just there to guide you along the way, so it isn’t a substitute for a regular lucid dream regime.  Its always best to combine dream herbs with dream practices like reality checks and writing your dreams down in a dream journal. These practices combined with the Xhosa Dream Root can instill a long term ability to improve the length of your lucid dreams. So always make sure your doing everything you can to maximize your dreaming abilities!

How To Use Xhosa Dream Root

Keep in mind that xhosa dream root should only be used as a tonic for 5-7 days at a time as it does build up in the body. So it always best to give your dreamworld a break for a few days.

There are several ways you could use the root, here are a few –

Whole root– Chewing 1-2 inches of every day for 5-7 days as a tonic. If you don’t like healthy earthy tastes go with one of the other methods.

Powdered root– Eating the powdered root isn’t the best method but is one of the easier ways to consume the herb. Take 1/4 tsp for 5-7 days at a time.

During that time you can work your way up to 1/2 tsp or so.

Tea– A more popular way to consume the root is to make a tea with 1/4-1/2 tsp of powdered herb either in the morning or at night. This way you can add honey or sugar to mask the earthy taste.

Froth– A traditional method of consumption is to make a froth with a cold brewed tea made from the powdered root. The tea is agitated with a special tool in order to increase the amount of froth you can make. The froth is then consumed in the morning on an empty stomach before eating. Since the advent of making the tea or tincture is available, I personally feel that the froth isn’t the best method to consume the root. You get much more out of the tea or tincture.

Tincture– The tincture is the most effective and immediate way to take xhosa dream root. One dropperfull of the tincture is equivalent to drink 8 ozs of the tea. And since tinctures have alcohol in them it allows the compounds to absorb more readily into your body. The tincture can be put into your favorite juice or in hot water as well.

Note: Any of these methods can be used either in the morning or the evening. Some say that is takes an entire day in order for the root to take effect during sleep. I personally have had more success taking the root during the evening, before bed.

You can get the root here.

Side Effects Of Xhosa Dream Root

Now lets keep in mind that not all herbs are for everyone. Always do your research and be sure to talk with a medical professional or certified practitioner before using.

Pregnancy – DO NOT use this root if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. It may cause unknown complications.

Nausea– Some people have reported slight nausea after consuming xhosa dream root. This is usually the case with consuming the root directly either raw or powdered. It is best prepared as a tea or used in tincture form to avoid this. Eating powder of anything isn’t the best thing for your belly.

Medications– DO NOT use if you take pharmaceutical medications. Consult your health care professional before using.

Otherwise there are no known contraindications when used properly!

Where Can I Buy Xhosa Dream Root?

You can buy Dream herb from Dream Catcher Botanicals since we are dedicated to supplying the highest quality herbs for dreaming out there! 

The Xhosa dream root is ethically wild-harvested from the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

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Dream Well, Stay Awesome, Live Better!

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