6 Ways That Women Can Stay Healthy to Boost Productivity

Boost Productivity

If you’re a woman who works, you’re probably aware of how your health impacts productivity. Your well-being has a direct effect on your energy level, ability to focus, creativity, frustration tolerance, and quality of interactions with coworkers. When healthy and fit, you’re able to meet the demands of work — often with a good bit of energy to spare. If not, accomplishing basic tasks can be daunting. Good health and productivity go hand in hand! Here are a few important things to consider. 

1. Nutrition

Nutrition fuels your body, along with oxygen and hydration. Every bit of food you eat counts — and it’s an area you have much control over. Eating nutrient-dense, varied, fresh, unprocessed meals (organic is best) is one of the most powerful things you can do to improve your health. Nutrition has a big effect on the brain; if it’s well-oxygenated and fed, you’ll feel alert and positive. Your hormones will be in better balance, too. Need some help to optimize your vitality? Try supplements like unify health to fill in the gaps and provide extra support. You’ll be rewarded with more energy, calm, and capacity for productive work. 

2. Sleep

Getting enough sleep is often overlooked, but an important factor in staying on an even keel throughout the day. Sleep is as crucial to overall functioning as exercising and eating healthy. Getting 7-9 hours is optimal, and the quality of your sleep matters. Even moderate sleep deprivation has been shown to make the brain operate as though it’s under the influence of intoxicants. Think about how that might affect your work! Setting a regular sleep/wake time as much as possible, reducing blue light after hours, and addressing issues related to anxiety will all help bring restorative sleep — and more productive days.  

3. Exercise

Exercise really means movement — and your body is designed to move, not be constantly sedentary. Unless you do a great deal of housework and/or gardening or generally move a lot in the course of a day, make sure to incorporate some type of exercise program into your schedule. The benefits of a fit body are numerous; protection against disease, improved mental health, increased ability to tackle daily tasks, and slowing down the effects of aging. Make your exercise something you look forward to, and incorporate aerobic, high-intensity, strength, and stretching exercises into a mix that works for you — check with your healthcare provider. In addition to an exercise program, you can improve your work productivity during the day by taking frequent breaks away from your desk; walk, take a dance break, or do some stretching. Your body and mind will thank you! 

4. Work Environment

Be sure your work environment is conducive to good health. Having a good ergonomic setup — ideally with your screen at eye level — is far better than hunching over a desk or slumping on the couch. You’ll get a lot more done, and feel better while you’re at it! As much as you can, make the workspace uncluttered and a pleasure to be in — little touches make a big difference. 

Boost Productivity

5. Stress Relief

Your capacity to meet challenging situations and recover from them is a good indicator of how productive you’ll be. If you’re already well-rested, nourished, and exercised, your body is primed to take on stresses and recover naturally. It’s still a good idea to incorporate stress-relieving practices throughout your day in order to reverse the fight-or-flight response; breathing techniques, outdoor time, and gentle aerobic exercise are all effective ways to mitigate stress and enhance relaxation.  

6. Relationships

Authentic engagement with trusted coworkers, friends, and family members is a buffer against stress, improves overall health, and helps your productivity. If human contact isn’t readily available, seek out the companionship of a counselor, structured working group, or support/spiritual group. 

Tending to your body, mind, and spirit will help you be more productive and peaceful. Consider these tips to create a healthy working life! 


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