How Spa Combined With Healthy Habits Keeps Your Skin Glowing

Skin Glowing

Is your skin everything you’d like it to be? Maybe you’re seeing early signs of aging or maybe you’ve been stressed out and it’s showing. Maybe you’ve got sensitive skin. Maybe you’re dealing with stubborn acne. Whatever your situation, remember these two things —

1.) You’re not alone and

2.) You can improve your complexion. Read on to learn more about how combining spa treatments and healthy habits can help you achieve the glow you’re after. 

Skin Glowing

Hit the Spa — or Bring the Spa to You

When it comes to skin care, heading to a spa will serve you well. Where else will you find a menu formulated for just about everything? Massage therapy and facials can work wonders for skin by stimulating circulation and eliminating toxins, along with thorough cleansing. And for a spa-like experience at home, do some homework first to find the best types of products that fit your particular needs. If you’re wanting to fade signs of aging or sun damage, look for a product containing polyphenols for skin. This is a wonderful way to not only fade these troublesome spots, but to do it gently and naturally. Taking photos of your complexion over the course of treatment is a great way to note progress.

Healthy Habits

Establish and Maintain Healthy Habits 

When you hear about healthy habits, chances are you know what they are… Restful and consistent sleep, drinking enough water, consuming a healthy diet, getting plenty of exercise, managing your stress and taking proper care of your skin. All of these power players are well known for a reason — they all do their part to build healthy skin cells and repair what needs fixing. How are you doing with making sure you’re checking the boxes? Life has a sneaky way of getting in the middle of things that you know you should be doing. Work, finances, health and family all take a lot out of you and that can catch up with your skin pretty quickly. Be proactive. 

Make sure you establish a good nighttime routine by going to bed around the same time every evening (and never sleep in your makeup!). Aim to drink around half of your body weight in water each day. If that feels daunting, research ways to personalize your water. At mealtime, fill your dish with brightly colored fruits and vegetables, lean meats and whole grains. Ease up on the sugar and processed foods — did you know that they’re two of your skin’s worst enemies? Boost your circulation (and your glow) by getting between 20-30 minutes of heart pumping exercise a day and make sure to take proper care of your skin afterwards. And stress… Oh, stress. This is a tricky one but it’s one you’ve got to take head on in your mission. 

amazing skin

Not only is stress dangerous for your health, it can do a number on your complexion — fine lines and wrinkles, acne and overall dullness are all part of its baggage. Practice mindful behaviors such as grounding or breathing exercises. Set aside times to get away from it all and just be one with yourself and nature. Designate certain times as technology free. Treat yourself to relaxing activities — think yoga, a relaxing bubble bath, walking your dog or working in your garden.

While you can’t instantly transform your skin, you can make it better, but be patient. Whatever you can do — whether it’s a new treatment or product, or sticking to healthy (or healthier) habits — will go a long way in reaching your goal for healthy glowing skin. 


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