Cleanse, Charge, and Channel Clarity with Carnelian Healing Stones


Natural Carnelian is a remarkable form of chalcedony that promotes the cleansing of etheric energies to revitalize ones physical, emotional and spiritual well being. Carnelian promotes warm, loving feelings, sending a message that all IS love, including ourselves and each other, making it an ideal stone for stabilizing relations at home and in the workplace. Worn in the breastplate of High Priests, carnelian shields and protects while assisting one in balancing Yin Yang energies.

Clear Emotional Baggage and Awaken Inner Perceptions


Carnelian Amulet

Carnelian is said to have profound effects on the first through fourth chakras, and as the auric field cleanses users often experience greater mental stability and an awakening of their inherent talents and analytical abilities. Clarity brings forth greater self-examination pertaining to one’s overall well being and purges misconceptions holding them back from their maximum creative potential. Many report less feelings of envy, depression, anxiety, fear, and rage while in possession of carnelian healing stones and a greater sense of compassion for themselves and all of mankind.

Capture Spiritual Guidance and Clarity with Carnelian

Believed to cleanse negative energy and transmute it to loving, white light, one may choose to use these as protection stones from harmful vibrations. Warmth and feelings of peace and encouragement often overcome users of carnelian, and they report experiencing a greater sense of brotherhood with others and the ‘oneness’ of man. Native Americans and spiritual healers worldwide revere natural carnelian healing stones as a portal for psychic attunement and connectedness with spiritual realms and entities. They also utilized it during tribal gatherings and ceremonies to promote harmony, reconciliations, and cosmic guidance.


Recharge the Body and Attack Physical Woes

There are a number of purported ways to heal the physical body with carnelian healing stones according to user’s testimonials. Many recall alleviating kidney and gall stones while others report relieve for disorders of the pancreas, spine, and spleen with use. It is also called upon to improve the assimilation of minerals and to remedy dementia and mental disorders. Some claim increases in personal power and stamina when in possession of natural carnelian, and it can also be used to create crystal elixirs to apply to bites, cuts, and wounds.

If you’re seeking a medium vibrational stone to enhance emotional, physical, and spiritual health in a warm, gentle fashion… natural carnelian is the perfect choice.

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