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Cleanse, Charge, and Channel Clarity with Carnelian Healing Stones


Natural Carnelian is a remarkable form of chalcedony that promotes the cleansing of etheric energies to revitalize ones physical, emotional and spiritual well being. Carnelian promotes warm, loving feelings, sending a message that all IS love, including ourselves and each other, making it an ideal stone for stabilizing relations at home and in the workplace. […]

Hematite Healing Stones – Staying Grounded While Raising Your Vibrations

Hematite Healing Stones

Black hematite stones are one of the most popular healing stones. Superior for physical and emotional healing, they are exceptionally high-vibrational stones that resonate with all seven chakras. However, this stone is primarily associated for having the strongest affect on the Base Chakra and the Sacral Hara Chakra. Hematite healing stones and crystals boast a […]