Alleviate Mental Chatter and Take Spiritual Flight with Healing Fluorite


Known as the ‘stone of discernment and aptitude’ fluorite is an all purpose healing crystals used to stabilize energies, balance the chakras, and to produce order within the physical, emotional, and spiritual systems — bringing order to chaos. These beautiful stones are said to protect the possessor from psychic energy attacks, negative vibrations, and are also purported to enhance the power and energetic resonance of other healing stones. Fluorite’s ability to cleanse the auric field while quieting the ‘chatter’ of the mind makes it an ideal meditation stone for both novices and experienced users seeking a greater sense of peace and psychic development.

***NOTE: Fluorite comes in an array of beautiful hues, each of which offers additional benefits; however, our stones are primarily a green and purple fluorite combination at this time.

Physical Issues Got You Down? Consider Fluorite – A Master Healer

FluoriteIn crystal healing practices, fluorite is often prescribed by holistic healers for a variety of physical ailments. It is believed that fluorite detoxifies and strengthens the body, helping to prevent and heal colds, flu, inflammatory issues, and pineal gland blockages. These healing crystals are often reported to lower blood pressure, cholesterol, joint pain, bouts of vertigo, insomnia, and prevent RNA/DNA issues. Green fluorite is recommended for heart and digestive system issues, as well as fungal infections, gout, and arthritis. Purple fluorite may be advised for healing tumors, septic wounds, and colds, and it is also believed to tamp bad food habits and aid in weight loss.

Emotional Healing with Fluorite

FluoriteEmotional stability is often brought to users of fluorite healing stones, as it seems to clam anxiety and stress as it balances and cleanses the emotional body. Thought to bring clarity to life situations, it can help one better manifest the reality they desire and bring those plans to fruition. It is through this sense of calmness that many users find themselves feeling less bouts of fear and depression.

Those who suffer from mental disorders or temporary states of ‘mental fog’ may find this stone helpful in aiding memory and concentration, as purple fluorite purportedly clears memory blocks and enhances concentration and focus. Green Fluorite is believed to promote emotional healing by helping one free their past issues, burdens, fears, and creative blockages, bringing forth greater receptivity to new ideas, self love, and openness for new relationships.

Fluorite – Solar Egyptian Amulet (Front)

Fluorite – Solar Amulet

Fluorite’s Connection with the Spiritual Realm

Shamans, master healers, and dabblers alike claim that fluorite is an exceptional stone for accessing cosmic truth and contacting totems and spirit guides. These insights can assist in manifesting one’s life purpose and propel their goal toward the Higher Self. Often used to free astral attachments, this shielding stone is ideal for those seeking deeper states of meditation to contact otherworldly beings or access Akashic Records.

Green fluorite is very calming and soothes the heart chakra, opening one up to their highest potential for both physical and spiritual love and acceptance of their destiny. Purple fluorite is highly spiritual in nature and activates the Third Eye Chakra, allowing for greater mystical insights, psychic awareness, recall of the past, and clairvoyant visions.

Fluorite is a powerful and eye-catching addition to any collection of healing crystals and stones!

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