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Sandalwood Essential Oil ~ Cleanse the Pituitary and Awaken the Third Eye

sandalwood essential oil

The Egyptian Sky and Sun Neters Horus and Ra were often honored at the temples and other sacred sites with offerings of sandalwood. Both of these forces of nature are often referenced as ‘The Eye of Horus / Ra’ as the ancients associated them with the pituitary gland a.k.a. the third eye chakra. The ‘all-seeing’ […]

Cleanse, Charge, and Channel Clarity with Carnelian Healing Stones


Natural Carnelian is a remarkable form of chalcedony that promotes the cleansing of etheric energies to revitalize ones physical, emotional and spiritual well being. Carnelian promotes warm, loving feelings, sending a message that all IS love, including ourselves and each other, making it an ideal stone for stabilizing relations at home and in the workplace. […]

Master Your Perceptions by Opening the Third Eye Chakra

opening the third eye chakra

The sixth layer of the seven major chakras and it is also commonly known as the brow or third eye chakra. This layer is considered the spiritual Vision Center and is located in the center of the forehead. Activating and opening this chakra of psychic power and intelligence is how one can become attune with […]