Coconut Oil Pulling 101: The How, Why, and My 7 Day Experiment

Oil Pulling

Holistic health is one of my favorite topics, but I don’t even attempt to keep up with all the current trends, so I was enamored when a lady friend asked me if I had tried coconut oil pulling or ever written about the practice. Being the cat that curiosity should have rightfully taken out long ago, my inclinations naturally sucked me into Google research mode…

The Mouth Watering Benefits of Oil Pulling

Turns out, there’s at least 7 Studies on the Benefits of Oil Pulling to reference that confirm many of the following purported reasons to give this ancient natural healing practice a try…at least for week as I did! This simple process is a powerful detoxifying rinsing agent that draws in nasty accumulations . Results from these studies showed the benefits of oil pulling include:

  • Oil PullingCavity Prevention
  • Repairing Tooth Decay
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Eliminating Bad Breath
  • Relieving Gingivitis and Bleeding Gums
  • Reducing Gum Inflammation
  • Soothing Dry Mouth and Throat
  • Healing Cracked Lips
  • Strengthening Jaw/Relieve TMJ
  • Boosting Immune System

Furthermore, healthy oils like sesame and coconut are fat-soluble and easy to digest. Coconut oil in particular also boasts Vitamins A,D, E, and K. Because these two oils were used in the bulk of the aforementioned studies and are also two of the most natural, I’d recommend either of them. For my home experiment, I used coconut oil and here’s the basic rundown on how to get started.

The How To’s of Oil Pulling With Coconut

The process is the same with any type of oil you choose. Do yourself a favor and splurge on an organic option – after all, you don’t want to try to detox with GMO’s. Then follow these steps first thing in the morning. I found that occupying my time by taking a shower or checking my email seemed to help this process be a bit more bearable…

  1. Swish 1-2 Tablespoons of the oil, forcing it in between the teeth and along the gum line.
  2. Continue for approximately 20 minutes, or until you just can’t handle it anymore. The mixture will thicken if using coconut oil.
  3. Spit the mixture into the trash, and it may be milky white or yellow in color and will be thick.
  4.  Follow with a warm salt water rinse and brush your teeth and floss as usual.

NOTES: Don’t swallow – the oil will harbor toxins from your mouth. Don’t spit residual into the sink – it can solidify and clog drains. Don’t swish excessively – you’re mouth will tire quickly.

Oil Pulling

My Personal Experience & Results of Oil Pulling

I’ll admit, the 20 minutes a day isn’t something I managed to achieve most days. About 10 minutes and I was over it. However, my teeth were noticeably whiter and the oil didn’t leave any residue post brushing. The taste of the coconut oil wasn’t great, but not particularly unpleasant – I can’t fathom using sesame or olive oil for this project. Ultimately, I don’t have any oral problems to test the healing aspects with, but my teeth were clean and a bit whiter for sure. Overall, if you have oral issues, coconut oil pulling is worth a shot.

If you’re looking for something other than oil to get the same natural oral healing results, consider calcium montmorillonite clay toothpaste where you get the same results in a fraction of the time – and flavor options!

Have you tried coconut oil pulling or another type for oral issues? What was your experience?


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