Debunking the Aura: Gold, White, and Spirit Communication

Debunking the Aura

Unlike any other color, white resonates with the divine. We associate white with innocence, heaven, angels and prophets. And while it’s natural to assume that a white aura denotes pure energy, true white is one of the most harmful colors for the auric field. Some psychics believe that an aura that is truly white (without the user intentionally changing its color) reflects ill health. What, exactly, is so detrimental about having a white aura?

Contrary to popular belief, a true white aura doesn’t resemble the white we see – think the color of clouds or snow. An authentic white aura is created from a complete absence of color. To get a better idea of what a white looks like, imagine clear light before it enters a prism and divides into a spectrum of color. This ‘white’ light creates the colorful foundation that other auras exist upon; it is simultaneously every color and no color. As a result, the paradoxical ‘white’ aura is highly unstable and difficult to control, especially for the inexperienced user.

Mediums (psychics that speak to the dead) often channel a white aura to facilitate smooth spirit communication. When a psychic medium invites a spirit into her body, a ‘white’ (clear) aura allows her to exit her body and let the spirit in. As you can imagine, those who are not natural mediums risk toying with fire by intentionally channeling a true white aura. When we think of mediumship, we think of glamorous shows like “Ghost Whisperer”, and the idea of adapting a white aura to contact spirits or host a deceased loved in your body may seem like fun. But conjuring this aura can be extremely risky — and disturbing.

spirit communication

Case in point: my friendship with a psychic medium allowed me to take a closer look into the world of spirit communication, and the image I received was the opposite of glamorous. This medium recounted one of her experiences channeling the dead as so intimate that it resembled the intensity of a sexual act! She and the spirit were merging on an extremely intimate level, and parts of her mind and soul were exposed that she would have preferred to keep private. She explained how every inch of her body was weighed down by the weight of spirit’s energy. It can be difficult for even a seasoned medium to ‘hold on’ to her sense of self when an invasive spirit is let in.

Spirit CommunicationAnother misconception about the white aura is that it facilitates successful astral projection, an out of body experience that allows you to visit the spirit plane. Bear in mind that while the goal of astral projection is not to invite spirits in, leaving your physical body unchecked poses the risk of restless spirits draining your physical and psychic energies. So, when you astral project, avoid using a white aura – and remember to keep a strong link tied to your physical body while exploring.

Instead of using white, empower your aura with the color gold. Gold creates a strong mind-body connection and pure spiritual energy. This color instills you with the highest form of protection possible from your spirit guides, which is especially useful for remaining grounded during astral projection. Here’s a quick starter guide to meditating using the color gold:

  • Be relaxed. Breathe slowly and evenly from you diaphragm.
  • When you’re centered, close your eyes and begin visualizing a soft gold color manifesting around your body.
  • Now, picture this golden color moulding to the shape of your body. Watch how it expands and contracts on each breath. Allow your aura to flow with your movement and be one with your body’s energy.
  • As you meditate, visualize vibrant sparks of gold light stimulating your Crown and Third Eye chakras into gently unfolding. This will safely open you up to the spirit plane.
  • As an extra protective measure for astral projection, concentrate the golden aura around the baser Chakras, particularly the Root Chakra. This will keep you centered during out of body experiences.

Above all, gold is the way to go for raising your vibrations – and staying safe on the physical plane.

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