How To Improve Your Home for an Etheric Winter

Etheric Winter

With wintertime on the way, outdoor projects will soon come to an end. However, just because you’re snowed-in doesn’t mean these labors of love have to end. The winter season is a great time to renovate and finish indoor jobs that you’ve held off on during the summer. Here are six indoor home improvement projects that will keep you busy all winter.

Get Yourself Into Hot Water

You want to stay warm all winter and that includes your hot water. Winter isn’t the time to have a failing heating tank, so if you’re not sure your current tank will survive the season and you live in the USA, contact your reliable water heater company in Westwood for example for an upgrade. You may even decide to go with a tankless heater or look into water recirculating. Water recirculating is a system that enables you to have hot water without waiting. If you procrastinated on your hot water worries all summer, now’s the time to address them and get the job done.

Put Your Painting Clothes On

The winter months are an excellent time to finish those indoor painting projects that got pushed to the wayside all summer. Head to your local hardware store and check out some of the latest color schemes. Update the bathroom, bedroom or the laundry room. Keep painting isolated to one room at a time so that you can close up and keep odor to a minimum. Another worthwhile idea is to repaint your staircase. Get creative and add a separate color, or tiles, to the kick boards making it truly unique.

Change Hardware and Faceplates

Another venture that’s perfect for being stuck indoors is changing out faceplates and cupboard door hardware. This might sound like a small job, but it makes a huge difference. Go through your entire house and count and measure faceplates and outlet covers. Since they’re available in an array of colors and designs, each room can have its own distinct personality. Switching cabinet knobs in your kitchen and bathroom is a lot of fun and gives doors an instant facelift.

Update Window Treatments

While the cold wind howls outside, you’ve got plenty of time to concentrate on your window treatments. Tear down your old, dusty curtains and go for a more modern look. Instead of curtains, you could choose to install elegant wooden blinds or shades. If you have a room that’s particularly cold, or gets the brunt of the wind, look for insulated drapes. These thermal curtains are no longer boring and are available in more colors and patterns than ever before.

Etheric Winter

Light Up the Winter

If your lighting is in desperate need of an overhaul, winter is a good time to modify it. You can change the entire ambiance of any room with just the right lighting. For bedrooms, opt for soothing, soft light. Bathrooms command brighter light such as recessed spotlights and illuminating vanity fixtures. For the kitchen, you’ll also want strong light for cooking and perhaps pendant lights for dark corners or over your counter. Winter provides the perfect chance to catch up on these small projects.

Wallpaper a Small Room

If you think that wallpaper was just for your grandma, think again! Wallpaper has made a comeback in trendy and modern designs. Use paper to make a small room really pop, such as a bathroom or a reading nook. You can also make a statement when you use it to cover half a wall, such as below chair rail molding. It’s best to avoid papering an entire large room. Instead, find ways to use it to accent the room’s present color.

Look Forward to Your Projects

This winter instead of hibernating, look forward to all the projects you can accomplish inside. This is the time to replace your hot water system, improve window treatments and freshen up decor throughout the house. When spring comes back around, you’ll be finished renovating inside and be ready to tackle the outdoors once again.


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