5-Cannabis Strains That Can Improve Meditation and Yoga

Meditation and Yoga

The modern era has significantly contributed to the potential market of alternative sources of treatments and therapies. Since much is because of prescribed medicine’s long-term side-effects, users worldwide have adhered to the use of natural supplements like cannabis and its derivative compounds. Furthermore, with the introduction of such substances in the mainstream market, several researchers are investing lengthy hours studying their therapeutic and mind-altering effects. While some people have incorporated cannabis and its strains for its potent properties, others consume them for recreational purposes. However, for most, pot culture is an epitome of a culture that comprises nutrition, fitness, and work-life.

Meditation and Yoga

Even though you workout and have a healthy intake, you need essential ingredients to assist your health. When it comes to cannabis, especially an indica flower or other heavy hybrids, they can put you in a state of euphoria. And, if you are planning to supplement your tough day at work with a workout session or yoga, cannabis strains can help your body considerably. Globally, several private yoga studios and teachers have incorporated such supplements to support and enhance their practices. These individuals and hospitality outlets have also introduced the combination of deep yoga stretches and cannabis strains to help synergize your entire experience.

But, have you figured out the types of strains you can couple yoga sessions with? Here is a rundown of five cannabis strains that can improve, enhance, and assist your yoga or meditation.

1.   Granddaddy Purple

Meditation and Yoga

As soon as you pop open the buds of this berry-scented plant, you can experience their aromatic zen power. The dreamy, euphoric state will take over your senses, and the body will be in a state of physical serenity. Even though such a strain is known for tranquilizing effects, it leaves a sufficient amount of liveliness for both active and still meditation forms. Incorporate this strain if you want to experience an uplifted mood or mind.

2.   Blue Dream

Cannabis enthusiasts love the effects of blue dream strains. If the name does not deliver its true nature, leafy reviewers will. This blueberry-flavored hybrid strain has several meditative merits and provides full-body relaxation. Furthermore, the strain’s cerebral euphoria begins with a meager amount of gentleness, which, in turn, allows a user to coast through light phases into an ethereal state. Such a stage provides you with an intense rush of creativity.

3.   Northern Lights

Strains like northern lights are known for their dreamy and sedating euphoria. However, because of their tranquilizing properties, northern lights are ideal strains for yoga and other physical exercise and meditation forms. If you are having a stressful day and wish to perform yoga after you are back home, microdose on northern lights right before you begin with yoga for deep relaxation and contentment.

4.   Jack the Ripper

Meditation and Yoga

Even though Jack the ripper is named after one of the homicidal psychopaths, the citrusy and uplifting strain is ideal for mindful reflection. The strain comprises invigorating effects that can leave you weightless as you go through warrior and downward dog postures with a focused mind. There is a hint of buzz for about fifteen to twenty minutes. Then the medicinal potency begins to alleviate anxiety, stress, depression and provides you with a guided and more meditative state.

5.   Kosher Kush

This heavy Indica strain can wrap your mind with the stress-numbing and blissful blanket of euphoria, which, in turn, may ease every muscle of your body into anesthetic relaxation. However, before incorporating this, consult an expert to know about the right amount of microdose.

Final Thoughts

The modern age has introduced humankind to several cannabis strains and other alternatives for routine practices. Furthermore, an increasing number of people are beginning to supplement their yoga and meditation with such strains to experience tranquility and spirituality.


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