How to Increase Your Charisma with Healing Stones

Healing Stones

There has been a 40% increase in Google searches for “crystal healing” in the last four years, signaling a shift away from Western medicine and the rediscovery of ancient healing methods. While the movement towards using healing crystals is still gaining momentum, many people around the country currently invest in and use them as a way to heal, grow and cultivate a positive living space with positive energy. With a multitude of benefits, crystals, gems and stones can also be used to increase your charisma and help you create a more positive personality to project confidence and humility.

Purifying Your Speech for Positive Projection

Certain gems and crystals can help increase your charisma by increasing the way in which you speak. Cleaning negative energy from your mind is one of the most effective ways to ensure you’re speaking and presenting yourself in a positive light that will make you more attractive to others. To accomplish this, you’ll want to look for crystals that purify your throat chakra. Amazonite is great for emotional balance and can help you clarify your intentions and speak with humility. You can massage a turquoise stone over your throat in order to speak more confidently as it relieves fear and tension.

Healing Crystals

Balancing Your Emotions for a Calm Presence

Growing your charisma is all about making yourself more personable and attractive to others, and while part of this includes the way in which you speak and present yourself, it is also about your energy in general. As people tend to feel more attracted to calm, balanced energies, using opal is a very effective way to bring a full spectrum of light energy to your aura while creating a soothing, balanced vibe overall. Opal is traditionally used in meditation to allow you to work through emotional trauma and can facilitate healing if you are willing to work through your baggage. The result is a positive, emotionally balanced individual that is attractive to others because they are not pushing their issues out in their energy for others to feel.

Unlock Your Energy

Using crystals as part of a healing method or energy exploration is, like any other self-improvement journey, a very personal process. It is important to take time to first assess what your goals are, what the emotional roadblocks are that are preventing you from achieving them, and then speaking with a professional who can help you make sense of just what energy you’re lacking. Working to be more charismatic is a noble pursuit that will allow you to feel more likable and charming while also raising your positive emotional energy in general.



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