I’m Sorry, But Apologies Likely Do You and the Receiver More Harm than Good…

I’m Sorry

Of course, the title is a play on words, but make no mistake – this is a topic that I feel rather strongly about. Sure, I’ve spend most of my life giving and receiving apologies, wrongly believing that these words made everything ‘right or okay,’ that they relieved all responsibility of the errors of my ways or of the other party’s. When in actuality…all I was truly doing was avoiding HEALING and resolving the true source of my actions and taking responsibility in a productive way.

While we all do our best to be loving and relating beings at all times, we do have errors in judgement that occasionally cause another to feel harmed, hurt, or disappointed. After all, we are all merely energetic beings living a human existence – one that is highly programmed concerning ‘what’ we should experience and be ‘hurt’ over and ‘how’ we should resolve those issues amongst ourselves.

From childhood, parents instruct their children, “Now, you go over there right now and apologize, and you two play nice.” Did anyone take the time to consider that Little Johnny or Little Jane might not want to apologize, or that they truly did not care to reconcile their differences? Perhaps their intuition is guiding them in separate directions and they do not care to ‘play nice or reconcile.’ Perhaps their energies or interests guide them to make up, and who are we to decide how they should proceed?

I’m Sorry

The True Intentions Behind Apologies

What do we mean behind the words… what are the dynamics of the semantics? Are we truly sorry? Do we feel remorse? And should we have to feel those ways?Let’s look at the word ‘sorry’ first. In just about every typical use of the word sorry that I know, they usually aren’t referring to something in a positive way. Examples: “Did you see how ‘sorry’ that movie was? How sorry they dressed today? What a sorry piece of ____! I’m so sorry that happened.” You catch the drift. Sorry is far too often a word of shame and guilt – two low vibrational essences.

It’s All About the Vibrational Resonance

Now, let’s consider the low vibrational resonance of the words “I’m sorry” especially coming from a person who is vibrating at low levels due to their ‘shame’… I think I’ll pass on that kind of “I’m sorry’ …. I’d rather hear and admission of wrongdoing and a “THANK YOU” than a sorry. Those two words are of high vibrational resonance for both the speaker and listener. Those words also imply that they have learned a lesson which is far more powerful that two words like I’m sorry that just wash the issue away temporarily. There’s a lesson in every mistake we make or every occurrence that one considers negative – and that raises vibrations.

Thank You

We are all one….one love, one heart, one mind, one connected essence of God as a part of each and every one of us. Let us all be mindful of these programmed concepts of these purportedly ‘kind’ words that ultimately serve shame, guilt, feeling the need to be forgiven etc…don’t serve the collective. If one of us hurts, it resonates throughout all of us as one united conscious energy. Let us be mindful before we speak, even when are intentions are in the place of seeking forgiveness…

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