Reclaim Your Personal Power: Conquering September’s Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse

On September 28th, we’ll get a glimpse of the power of the stars when a total lunar eclipse turns the Moon crimson. This September’s rare Blood Moon in Aries has a fiery, powerful presence, and it’s bound to bring about incredible change. In fact, this event is so rare that it won’t happen again until 2033! Although an eclipse is beautiful to look at, it’s also a game changer — it will shake up our daily routine and force us to see everything that’s not working in our lives. The energy of a lunar eclipse can be challenging, but there are several ways you can take advantage of this Blood Moon’s trailblazing, dynamic energy.

How does a lunar eclipse work?

During a lunar eclipse, the Earth orbits between the Sun and the Moon, blocking out the Sun from casting its light onto the Moon. The Moon’s ethereal, white glow is simply a reflection of the Sun’s light, which is why we can see the Moon rising as the Sun sets in the early evening. This lunar eclipse is also a total eclipse, which occurs when the Earth, Sun and Moon orbit in perfect alignment. Here’s how it works: mid-way through the eclipse, the Earth fully encompasses and darkens the Moon in its Umbral shadow. Then, the Moon turns red when a small portion of the Sun’s light passes through the Earth’s atmosphere and is bent onto the Moon. (On a spectrum of light, red has an extremely high wavelength, so it’s not easily fragmented by the Earth’s atmosphere — that’s how the color shows.)

You can use this eclipse calculator to figure out the best time to view the eclipse from your location.

Lunar Eclipse

What to expect during and after the eclipse

Enormous, sudden changes rarely happen the moment a lunar eclipse begins. You’ll probably feel the impending effects of the eclipse around two days beforehand. About five months ago, we saw a lunar eclipse in Libra, and now we’re experiencing a lunar eclipse in its opposite sign, Aries. Everything that’s been unresolved in your life over the last five months, whether it’s issues in your romantic relationship or problems at work, are coming to a boiling point. September’s lunar eclipse in Aries will propel us to take back control where we’ve lost it, to understand if our needs are being met within our relationships and how we can get rid of what doesn’t serve us in our soul evolution. Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, is headstrong and self-centered, but it’s also a sign of pure survivalism. This lunar eclipse brings an important question to light: are we really getting what we want?

Your survival guide for tackling this month’s eclipse 

The powerful energy of the upcoming lunar eclipse may seem a little menacing, but here are a few tips that will help you reap its benefits and come out stronger than ever: 

  1. Examine roles and expectations within your relationships. If you feel burdened by a lack of equality within your relationship, now is the time to speak up. The Moon in Aries reminds us to act in our own best interest. While it’s important not to be selfish, now is the perfect moment to express your needs. Sacrificing what you want, especially for a relationship to survive, will only cause serious disharmony after the eclipse. 
  2. Avoid starting new projects or signing new contracts for at least two weeks after the eclipse. There’s a myth about Mercury Retrograde being the worst time to start or sign anything new, but in my opinion, lunar eclipse cycles are more problematic – after all, lunar eclipses are all about tying up lose ends. This lunar eclipse is also the harvest moon, which reminds us to finalize dates and deadlines and finish old projects so we can use the intense, pioneering energy of the Aries Moon to get creative. (Translation: stop self-sacrificing or procrastinating, especially due to perfectionism, which is reminiscent of the last eclipse’s Moon in Libra!)
  3. Don’t be afraid to let go. If you’ve been struggling to make something work that isn’t working, this is the best time to wipe the slate clean and start over. The power of the stars will support your new goals, and forgive your failures. Take advantage of this rare moment — give yourself a much needed break.
  4. Release your heavy emotions. If something has been nagging at you, get it off your chest. But, remember to regulate your feelings. Both solar and lunar eclipse cycles can cause us to fly off the handle or say things we don’t mean! This is the ideal time to peacefully purge yourself of heavy feelings and emotional baggage that don’t serve you a higher purpose.

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