Mercury Retrograde May 2015: Think Before You Speak

Mercury Retrograde May 2015

On May 18, Mercury turns Retrograde at 13.4 degrees Gemini. While it’s true that Mercury Retrograde has a reputation for being a troublemaker, this transit facilitates problem solving by bringing to light any underlying issues in our lives. Mercury in Gemini buzzes with mental energy, content to be in the sign that it rules; the Retrograde phase reveals cerebral Mercury’s tendency to be scatterbrained and afraid of vulnerability. During this transit, the ways in which we use our time and language will come under a bit of cosmic scrutiny.

Mercury Retrograde May 2015

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini Myths vs. Facts 

When a planet enters the sign that it rules, it returns ‘home.’ In other words, Mercury cycling through Gemini gives us an extra shot of mental energy. This combination also intensifies anything that occurs during Mercury Retrograde. But all the trash talk about Mercury Retrograde ruining get-togethers and forwarding embarrassing emails isn’t entirely true.

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini Busts On Our Communications  

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini allows us to reevaluate how we use our knowledge and express ourselves. If you struggle with socializing, take the chance during this Mercury Retrograde to reconnect with an old friend. But remember to think before you get carried away by Mercury in Gemini’s mental stamina. Take things slow in new friendships and get all the facts before you add someone to all your social media channels. 

This transit will make it tough to stay focused, and texts and emails may be accidentally forgotten (if not lost). Should your social life ramp up, don’t forget to attend to pre-existing messages and obligations. Keep a paper calendar and create reminders on your phone! Spontaneity isn’t a bad thing, but careful planning will go the extra mile during Mercury Retrograde in Gemini. For trips near and far, develop a base itinerary well in advance. 

I Shouldn’t Sign Important Documents Until Mercury Is Direct 

Mercury in Gemini wants to go, go, go; its influence makes us especially prone to rejecting the mundane in favor of exciting information. You may want to spend hours learning a new hobby or finally kick off a reading challenge, but avoid the temptation to ignore small yet important signals that come your way. That includes the fine print and the consequences that may come with signing a contract. 

No matter the sign it occupies, Mercury Retrograde is known for bungling important agreements–but only for our tendency to misunderstand or misinterpret what we’re agreeing to. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and rethink what you really want. Moreover, any contract signed directly prior to the Retrograde phase may come undone during this period. Rather than bemoan how Mercury Retrograde in Gemini complicates your life, seize the opportunity to renegotiate the terms or rescind your consent.

Mercury Retrograde Spells Disaster For Relationships

Passing up opportunities to date or socialize during Mercury Retrograde in fear of making an embarrassing faux pas or finding disappointing is harmful for your growth. First, consider that Mercury goes Retrograde three to four times per year for several weeks at a time. If you’re eager to date, avoiding Mercury Retrograde won’t help you find love. Identifying the type of partner you want and your relationship goals will! 

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini may make us prone to idealizing new friends and partners who talk the talk but can’t walk the walk. A dash of wit and a little charm are harmless, but actions speak louder than words. If you find yourself in conflict with a loved one, this transit will make it easier to argue your point. Don’t be afraid to speak up for your beliefs and rehash old issues  relevant to your communication breakdown–it’s time to clear the air.

Mercury Retrograde May 2015

A Few Tips To Make May Your Month  

  • Back up all of your files onto a back-up disc or the Cloud. Invest in spare batteries and chargers. 
  • Avoid being swayed by flattery. Gather all the facts before judging someone’s character. 
  • Experiment with your interests. Are you curious about extreme sports? Try indoor skydiving! Investigate a niche topic of interest with Internet and book research. Discovering all there is to know about another country you may never visit may seem unproductive, but learning simply for the sake of learning has value. 
  • Avoid petty gossip or playing mediator to spats involving your neighbors and siblings. (Libra and Gemini Sun/Moon/Rising might get involved and instantly regret it.)  
  • Two words: Don’t. Rush. Prepare to catch your bus or flight the night before. Avoid packing first thing in the morning. Mercury Retrograde in Gemini will make the mutable signs (Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini) even more prone to having a lead foot–beware of pricey speeding tickets!

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