It Came From Outer Space! Moldavite and Starseed DNA Activation

Starseeds and Extraterrestrials

Starseeds and ExtraterrestrialsStarseeds, or ‘Star People’, are extraordinary beings DNA from neighboring galaxies. By no coincidence, self-reported Starseeds have increased in the last 50 years. Starseeds come to Earth to spread their healing gifts, and our planet is in a growing state of crisis. But the Starseed must reawaken to his astral roots before he can make an impact. If you’re highly intuitive, determined to make a difference, and have always felt like an outsider, you might be a Starseed.

Growing Up Extraterrestrial 

During adolescence, the Starseed may feel like they’re always searching for home. Being the black sheep of the family or an oddball who longs to fit in with their peers are common experiences. Some Starseeds report seeing UFOs and feeling increasingly drawn to the stars around the time they began to awaken. Even the undeveloped Starseed is attuned to injustice and corruption; he may rebel to draw our attention to institutions that need to be fixed.

There are 12 documented types of Starseeds; Pleiadian is the most common, as the Pleiades star system is closest to Earth. Arcturian and Orion Starseeds are also more common. Each type possesses unique traits. For example, the Arcturians and Orions are motivated to absorb and share knowledge and gifted with technology. Pleiadians are highly humanistic, empathetic, and prone to sensory overload. It’s also possible for Starseeds to be a combination of two types.

Quiz: Are You a Starseed?

  1. Do you have the unshakable belief that life exists in other galaxies? 
  2. Have you seen one or more UFOs in your life? Do you dream of UFOs?
  3. Do you believe that you have a mission or a greater purpose in life?   
  4. As a child, did you long to find your ‘true’ family even if you had loving parents?
  5. Are you hypersensitive to lights, sounds, textures, energy, and/or temperatures? 
  6. Are you a non-conformist who detests corruption, poverty, racism, and social injustice? 
  7. Do people in your life, even strangers, gravitate to you for guidance and healing? 
  8. Do you experience visions of the future, ESP, or claircognizance (extrasensory knowing)?
  9. Have you recently started to recall dreams of interacting with extraterrestrial beings? 
  10. Do you have out of body experiences like astral projection or self-controlled lucid dreams?

If you answered Yes to 8 out of 10 items, you might be a Starseed.  

Starseeds and ExtraterrestrialsStarseed DNA activation is an intense, transformative experience that often makes Starseeds feel isolated and anxious. While there is no singular event that triggers DNA activiation, all Starseeds experience physical and psychological symptoms as they undergo a shift in consciousness. Mood swings, increased sensitivity to light and auditory stimuli, unusual dreams, and rapidly expanding intuition are common.

Working with celestial gemstones can gently facilitate Starseed DNA activiation. Moldative came to Earth 15 million years ago in an asteroid that struck modern day Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic. The cryastal’s possible extraterrestrial origins make it an amazing tool for the budding Starseed to unlock his soul’s potential. A highly evolved Starseed may have astral dreams or meditate to connect with his Star family. The Star family act as guides to help him find his purpose as a visitor on our struggling planet.

Moldavite: A Starseed’s Connection to Home 

Moldavite may help developing Starseeds reclaim their past memories. This gorgeous green crystal also resonates with the Heart Chakra, which brings Starseeds inner peace as he recovers his cosmic origins. If you suspect you might be a Starseed, try to channel your guides with this meditation:

Moldavite Pendant

Moldavite Pendant

1. Retreat to a quiet, private space. Lie down in Shavasana and take deep belly breaths. Begin by opening your mind to higher communication by holding holding Amethyst on the top of your head (Crown Chakra). Afterward, move on to step two.

2. Take a piece of Moldavite and place it on your breast bone (Heart Chakra). Alternatively, wear a Moldavite pendant on an extended chain. Keep your eyes closed.

3. Visualize a sparkling green light flowing into your Heart and through your body. Invite your Starseed guides to speak with you using internal affirmations such as “I welcome my Starseed family to make contact.” You might picture meeting with celestial beings who have already visited you in dreams. Don’t force anything – allow your mind to drift and see what comes to you.

4. Feel your Starseed eneregy activating within. Imagine the green aura around you expanding and contracting with each breath. Then zero in on any areas of your body that feel heavy or energetically blocked. This allows the stone’s cosmic energies to gently dissolve energetic blockages.

5. As you absorb the healing glow of Moldavite, use affirmations that draw you closer to your astral roots: internally repeat “I invite my Starseed family to heal me and walk with me” and “I am a powerful cosmic being ready to be activated.” Allow yourself to release any intense emotions that surface. Imagine basking in the colors that represent the type Starseed you may be. (Blue represents Arcturians and Sirians, for example.) Emerge from the meditation with gratitude for the the incredible person you are. Feel the stars whisper their ancient truths within you.

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