Six Sensational Health Benefits of Cannabis Oil

Cannabis Oil

While used for thousands of years for its calming and pain-relieving benefits, cannabis became outlaw #1 in the United States in the 1930s. Unfortunately, this gift from nature still suffers from negative public opinions and government-driven campaigns designed to exacerbate the purported risks of its usage while undermining the vast benefits of cannabis products. Despite the scientifically proven benefits, possession of cannabis in any form—even as a prescription—remains illegal under federal US laws.

Cannabis OilBecause of these legal roadblocks, scientific research concerning the benefits of cannabis oil are still in the early stages. However, many researchers and users of cannabis oil are reporting astounding results in healing ailments ranging from anxiety to cancer. Because cannabis oil is many times more potent than its original plant form, it is purported to have even greater healing abilities for certain conditions. Here are a few reasons to give this gift from Mother Nature a second thought.

1. Pain Relief

Relieving pain and inflammation has been a primary use of the cannabis plant. Cannabis oil is concentrated, increasing its efficacy for pain relief. According to a recent Canadian study, this natural substance inhibits neural transmissions in the body’s pathways, giving it the ability to effectively relieve both chronic pain and inflammation. [1]

2. Stress and Anxiety

Many users of cannabis claim that it relaxes them after a stressful or emotionally challenged experience and helps them sleep, and science backs up their reports. Cannabis oil has been shown to stimulate the release of endorphins and to minimize stress receptors in the hippocampus—the part of the brain responsible for emotional responses. [2] In 2015 a study was published that discovered that inhaled and orally administered cannabis oil treatments effectively reduced restlessness and anxiety in veterans with PTSD. The study further showed that cannabis significantly improves PTSD-related nightmares and insomnia issues. [3]

Cannabis Oil

3. Increasing Appetite

Regardless of its from, cannabis is known for increasing the appetites of many users with a side effect known as ‘the munchies.’ This can come in handy for those suffering from an illness like cancer or an eating disorder or for those who need to put on some weight. Cannabis works by stimulates the digestive system and induces hunger to improve appetite.

4. Alleviating Asthma Symptoms

Cannabis boasts natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, making it an effective treatment options for asthma sufferers. [5] It works by dilating the bronchial tubes to permit greater flows of oxygen to the lungs. Past studies indicated that cannabis cigarettes gave many test subjects tremendous relief. Currently, researchers are investigating the bronchodilatory effects of ingesting and inhaling cannabis oil, and so far the results are very promising for asthmatics.

Cannabis Oil

5. Boost Heart Health

The antioxidant properties of cannabis oil appear to be beneficial for the heart when it comes to preventing cardiovascular diseases, heart attacks and strokes. Years ago, several animal studies demonstrated these results, and in 2014 a British study confirmed that the responses in animals concerning cannabis oil for heart health were applicable to humans. [6] By relaxing the blood vessels, the way is paved for reduced blood pressure and improvements in circulation which reduces the chances for several cardiovascular conditions such as heart attacks and even strokes.

6. Cancer Treatment and Side Effect Relief

One of the most dreaded conditions—cancer—is one of the most researched diseases in the world as the race for a cure continues. For decades, cancer patients have used cannabis sativa to stave off common side effects like lack of appetite and nausea due to traditional treatments. However, more scientific studies support using cannabinols for cancer treatment. Tests on animals and humans have shown that ingesting cannabis is more effective in cancer studies than smoking the substance. Some of the purported benefits thus far include:

1. Preventing cancer-spreading cell divisions that reduce the risk of cancerous cells spreading in the body.
2. Triggering the death of cancer cells through apoptosis.
3. Helping new blood vessels from developing into tumors.
4. Some patients have seen complete eradication of cancer using cannabinols.

Is Cannabis Oil Mother Nature’s Cure All?

Because cannabis products are far more natural than most modern medical treatments, it’s sure worth talking to your medical practitioner about if you or someone you love suffers from any of the aforementioned conditions. With thousands of years of documented uses with no reported deaths due to cannabis, maybe…just maybe…cannabis can save the world. Tell us what you think or share your experiences with cannabis based treatments and uses with us below.

Cannabis Oil

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