This is the End: Facing Your Fears and Accepting Death

Accepting Death

Thinking about our inability as a society to face death makes me turn back to the Kurt Cobain suicide conspiracy theories that have haunted the music industry for the last 21 tumblr_static_kurt_cobain_kurtpeaceyears. Just recently, these theories have yet again resurfaced that Cobain’s death was a murder. These headlines are a reminder of how impossible it is for many of us to accept death for what it is. Rather than accept that Cobain was responsible for his own demise, conspiracists have pinned the loss of this tragic superstar on a mysterious murderer. Perhaps it is too horrendous, too disturbing to process that one of our society’s heroes had willingly chosen to die, bringing to light how tumultuous and impermanent life really is in the process. The constant reinvestigations reflect on how we can’t accept he’s truly gone. 

Throughout time, death has gotten a pretty harsh rap. It’s been seen only as gruesome, horrific and traumatic. Death is one of our greatest fears – but why? Without observing the complexities and benefits of death, we fail to understand the meaning behind our existence and put ourselves in a position to be trapped by our fear of change. When we observe death from several different angles, it’s easier to understand why all good things must come to an end, whether it concerns losing a person we love or letting go of a relationship.

Let’s Break It Down: Looking the Beast in the Eye

The process of death requires us to let go, to stop holding onto what no longer serves us. Everything that is outdated in our lives can no longer fulfill us on our journey to self-empowerment and higher thinking, and it must be eliminated in order for us to prosper. It’s as simple as that. When we release ourselves from the bondage we’ve created in our own hearts, we feel a sense of relief. Getting rid of relationships and people that we know are negative influences may be intimidating, but once they are gone, your soul will have room to breathe and grow. Death creates room for prosperity and new beginnings. Death is simply a form of change.

It’s true that a fear of change is one of the most detrimental emotions we will ever experience. Our inability to believe in ourselves, that we can handle a future filled with elements unknown, binds us to the things we do know that keep us safe and secure – though quite possibly miserable and stagnant. Releasing your need for control and embracing change is an essential step in accepting death. Although maintaining strict control over your life may initially seem like the perfect solution to avoiding what terrifies you, it’s always going to end up being utterly exhausting, depressing, and futile.

Death Has Numerous Benefits – and Some Essential Purposes

Header-58As an inevitable part of the life cycle, death provides us with not only psychological growth, but also the ability to love and appreciate what we hold dear. Imagine a world in which all of our friends, relatives and loved ones were immortal. There would be no need to value these people or our relationships as sacred, finite aspects of our life’s journey that need to be cultivated and appreciated before they are gone. It’s not difficult to believe that we could possibly start taking these things for granted! If you’ve lost a loved one and have had difficulty processing their death, it’s perfectly normal to mourn their earthly memory. However, it’s important to remind yourself that like an everlasting candle, their spirit will burn on infinitely – and that when someone is gone from this planet, they are not truly ‘gone’. They have simply ascended on their journey – and one day, you will, too.

To accept that the physical, earthly possessions you hold, the home you live in, the body you inhabit and the ground you walk on is all you will ever need is cheating yourself of your birthright: soul evolution. In death, we lose all that we have in order to be all that we are. As paradoxical as this sounds, it’s true! While it’s natural for us to become attached to the things we own, the people we love, our pets and other things that define our present existence, it’s important that we recognize that this is not all there is to existing. Relying on our wealth or status to give us security reflects a weakness of the soul, an inability to believe that we can prosper as beings of light even after losing our earthly possessions. The relationships we have, the emotions we feel and the kindness we express during our time on this earth determine our soul’s journey once we move on.

Whether you believe in reincarnation or Heaven or Nirvana doesn’t matter – regardless of the destination, your soul was meant to end up somewhere beyond this planet, even if it’s on star in some distant galaxy. And that’s a beautiful thing. Instead of fearing death as the ultimate downfall of human existence, consider it the ultimate reward.


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