Neptune Turns Direct: Waking Up to Your Personal Truths

Neptune Turns Direct

On June 12, 2015, Neptune went Retrograde in dreamy, mysterious Pisces. ‘Rude awakening’ couldn’t describe these past five months strongly enough!  But on November 18, Neptune finally went direct in 7 degrees Pisces. The rest of November and early December will be all about emotional readjustments, getting real and staying grounded, no matter how tempting denial may be. 

Neptune is at home in Pisces, the sign which this planet rules. Many say that looking at the world through Neptune’s eyes is like looking at the world through rose-tinted glasses. However, while Neptune is the thing of dreams, it’s also the thing of dreaming turning into nightmares. Our demons and the monsters in our closet falls within Pluto’s territory, but Neptune can raise hell, too – and by the time we know it, it may be too late to undo the damage done. Like being trapped in a sweet, groggy haze, Neptune can convince us that we’re taking a relaxed stroll by the beach when in reality, we’re headed toward the edge of a cliff!

However, when Neptune went retrograde, the veil was lifted off of our eyes and the fog parted, revealing reality for exactly what it is. Throughout this phase, we plummeted from the clouds straight back down to earth. The idealized images we held of family, friends or a partner could have come crashing down; our new dream job may have had some serious drawbacks we failed to realize until Neptune went retrograde; or spontaneous spending could have set us back when we suddenly had to get real and pay the bills. Suddenly, the blissful, beautiful soundtrack we had been listening to since early in the year came to a screeching halt, making room for all of the annoyances and harsh truths we had been blocking out for months. 

Neptune Turns Direct

Getting Real, Staying Grounded, and Awakening to the Present Moment 

The feeling of Neptune turning direct is a little like escaping into a pleasant dream, one that feels almost too good not to be real – and doing all that you can to stay asleep, or recreate that dream in your mind upon awakening. Although it’s tempting to escape into our fantasies now that Neptune has gone direct, this simply isn’t the time to play into wishful thinking. This is a crucial moment for you to remain grounded and take advantage of the insights you gained during Neptune’s retrograde phase.

Those who have personal planets between 6 to 10 degrees of the mutable signs (Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo) felt the retrograde phase intensely. If you fell into this category, particularly if your Sun and/or Moon are in those degrees of the mutable signs, Neptune going retrograde may have given you some shocking truths about your personal life or yourself. For example, if Neptune retrograde was squaring off or opposite your Moon in Sagittarius, you may have had a sudden awakening to the true nature of your family, for better or for worse. Suddenly, Mom or Dad may have not seemed so wonderful anymore as you uncovered some of the psychic dirt in the undercurrents of your home. 

As Neptune goes down the rabbit hole again, it’s natural for us to want to breathe a sigh of relief and slip the blindfold back on, blocking out the painful or uncomfortable revelations that haunted us since June. But now is the time to see things as they really are, harsh lighting and all – for personal truths are the most important of truths, no matter how painful. Refusing to take into account all that we gleaned during the retrograde phase can cause serious psychic and karmic upsets in our lives over the next five months. And as long as we remain living comfortably in a state of self-deception, we’ll fail to undergo soul evolution, and being in touch with our higher selves will be utterly impossible. 

Here are a few tips to remain present and grounded now that Neptune has turned direct. 

  1. Set goals. In a positive sense, Neptune is also the master manifestor. This is the best time to use the insights and visions you received during Neptune’s retrograde phase to draw up realistic plans for achieving your dreams. 
  2. Evaluate your relationships. See the people in your life for who they truly are – don’t put those rose-colored glasses back on! Neptune going retrograde tends to smoke out the martyrs and con artists in our lives. Decide who should stay in your life and who is draining your emotional energies. 
  3. Distinguish the difference between intuition and paranoia. Neptune going retrograde taught us the difference between intuition and paranoia, and don’t forget these lessons. While you may think your hunches are always accurate, look at things objectively before jumping to any conclusions.
  4. Be creative. Start getting artsy! If you feel like you’re drowning in your feelings, don’t give in to emotional chaos – pick up a pen or a set of paints, and get busy.

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