What Crystals help with Studying and Writing


In the last weeks before the exams, the level of stress can be unbearable, and along with the sleep deprivation, your energy levels won’t be enough to get you over the hump. It’s similar for writers nearing deadline. You know you have to deliver top-notch content, and the paper sheet remains blank. Anxiety rises, and it’s even harder to concentrate.

Crystals can help you tackle studying frenzy and get you over the writer’s block. Creative energy and learning capacity are within you, and with crystals for studying you can release and handle it the right way. We made a list of the best gems for students and writers.


Top Crystals for studying and writing

Maybe is the lack of discipline or vibrant social life, but most students fall into cramming trap. Studying is a skill that you need to develop. Once you’re forced to learn for long hours, why not use natural help. Using crystals can recharge your mind and lift the spirit. With healing crystals for students and writers, you could achieve a sense of peace and mental clarity, which can be essential when facing a large volume of learning material.

The benefits of using crystals are numerous, and there are a lot of different gemstones depending on the need.


The most common and widespread crystal that is composed of silicon and oxygen has extraordinary properties, and his beauty increases the visual appeal. For quartz healing properties, the clearer the stone, the better will effect be. For students, among many benefits of Quartz crystals help with retaining information is one of the most important. The other is improved focus and mind clarity.


Carnelian gemstone usually comes in red-orange color. Just like quartz, it is rather common. The positive impact of Carnelian includes help with memory and creativity. It can also boost optimism and patience. For its known memory enhancement, it is trendy among students.


Another positive influence on students mental state comes from turquoise stone. The calmer state that can be essential when facing deadline or incoming exam is gained through positive impact on serenity, positive thinking, and creativity. This blue-green shade stone with a long tradition is one of the most popular healing crystals.

CrystalsRed Tiger’s Eye

If you need calming down, Tiger Eye is regarded as a strong and motivational stone through centuries. It will give you the ability to calm down easily and at the same time reinforce determination to finish your commitments.

CrystalsBlue Scapolite

Known as the crystal of support, blue scapolite enhance the trait you will need to finish studying on time, and that is self-discipline. The stone will jump-start the flow of energy and clear stagnation. You will gain clarity and attention to completing and resolving problems.


Aventurine comes in two possible shades, the green or golden brown. A very sturdy stone can help with creativity, motivation and could enhance enthusiasm, thus preventing you from disheartening feelings when facing major obstacle like a ton of learning material.


Rainbow colors make this eye-candy crystal popular among younger students. Known as the stone of discernment and aptitude it is among top choices for memory and mental focus.


Calcite is a carbonate mineral with a wide range of colors. You can get it in white, yellow, red, orange, blue, green, brown and grey. His properties make him perfect for studying arts and science. It can calm the mind, stimulates insight, and it is one of the best crystals for memory.


Relentless studying or writing equals a lot of hard work. Amazonite can help you relieve stress while enabling you to work harder. This crystal promotes relaxation, and it can provide you calmness in long study sessions or when writing an essay. Even professional essay writing team of Edu Birdie would love to use the crystal to boost the writing abilities and advise students to do it too.


Ruby is a deep red crystal effective in improving motivation and setting realistic goals. Traditionally, ruby is known to enhance confidence and boost the feeling of joy.


The crystals can’t do the hard work for you. You’ll still need to sit and study or write. What healing crystal for students can do is help with certain traits like mental toughness, concentration, and memory. If you use crystals for studying the right way, little boosts of energy, focus, and mental focus can do a world of difference.


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