What’s the 4-1-1 on Hypnosis? Exploring this Life Changing Technique


Hypnosis is a brainwashing scheme used to make people quack like ducks or turn them into the next ‘Manchurian Candidate’ or cause them to become totally ‘careless’ about their jobs such as what happens in the movie ‘Office Space’…Hypnosis is hogwash and doesn’t do anything…Hypnosis is dangerous and your mind can become stuck in such a state and not ‘wake up’…These are some common myths about hypnosis purveyed via television, literature and word of mouth from naysayers. However, this can serve as a positive and potentially life-changing therapy. So let’s get to the real 4-1-1 on hypnosis.

Hypnosis Addresses the Unconscious Mind to Effect the Conscious Mind

HypnosisThe subconscious mind often serves as a ‘protector’ of our mind/body/spirit; however, there are times that our originally developed concepts of protection no longer serve our highest good. During the process of hypnosis, a licensed and trained therapist attempts to get one’s subconscious mind into a heightened state where it’s more susceptible to suggestions and instructions to address the patient’s concerns. Under hypnosis, the subconscious mind can absorb therapeutic suggestions to one get over past issues, eliminate certain habits, and help them make necessary changes in their life for the greater good. Once ‘awakened,’ patients typically feel refreshed and relaxed and often discover that their conscious mind was receptive to the therapy.

What’s Does Being Hypnotized Feel Like?

HypnosisMost people are actually ‘hypnotized’ several times per day without realizing it, and it is comparable to the state of meditation. Have you ever traveled from point A to point B along a familiar path without being wholly aware of it? As the holder of memories, the subconscious mind often assumes control, taking you into autopilot mode and knows what needs to be done. You are in an altered state of consciousness and may be aware of what is happening during all of these activities, or may remember no part of the process—this effect is similar to being in a state of hypnosis.

Do you watch television, read books, play video games or daydream? If you’ve ever wondered why commercials on TV are far louder than the programming, it’s because station executives know that viewers enter a trance-like state, and they want your attention back fully so it can focus on those advertisements. There’s nothing to be afraid of by giving hypnosis a shot…the only thing you have to lose is a few bad habits or thought processes through these beneficial suggestions to the subconscious mind.

The Benefits of Hypnosis | Hypnotherapy for a Better Life

When utilized for therapeutic reasons, this process is typically called hypnotherapy. Many issues  during the course of our life become detrimental to resolve in order to promote and preserve physical health and emotional well being. Hypnotherapy has a long history of successfully treating many issues such as:

  • Eliminating or changing bad habits and addictions such as smoking, over eating, street or prescription drug abuse, and alcoholism.
  • Alleviating fears, chronic phobias and deep seeded anxieties.
  • Helping people overcome barriers or blocks to success, often used by athletes, students, and business people.
  • Stress reduction and reducing negative reactions to certain stressors.
    Disregarding phobias.
  • Promoting weight loss habits.
  • Helping school-aged children cope with peer-related encounters.
  • Assisting couples suffering from fertility anxiety.
  • Resolving relationship issues and sexual difficulties.

With so many potential benefits of hypnosis, why not give this alternative therapy a try? Have you ever been hypnotized? Tell us about your experience!

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