Six Stress-busting Stones and Crystals for Anxiety Relief

stones and crystals for anxiety

Feelings of self doubt, bouts of cold sweats that resemble a spontaneous flu, and the urge to run from unexpected situations faster than a little kid holding a baseball bat outside of a broken window…most people experience such feelings at some point. Yet, those who suffer from daily anxiety are at higher risk for stress related diseases and tend to lack energy – not to mention encountering challenges on their journey to enlightenment.

But let’s face facts: Even the most enlightened individuals can lose their cool and peaceful demeanor or fall into a temporary emotional slump. Chakra imbalances, low-emitting auras, work and home pressures, energy vampires are often the culprits. However, some studies on social anxiety indicate that empaths are more likely to suffer from anxiety than others who are less attuned with external energies.

Check out these stress busting stones and crystals for anxiety relief out there that can aid in your journey to maintain a more consistently calm, uplifting demeanor.

Crystals and Stones for Anxiety and Stress

  1. stones and crystals for anxietyLepidolite’s Luscious Lithium Effect: Anyone’s who’s familiar with prescription lithium might argue that the effects can make you feel like a lush rather than being luscious itself. However, lithium is sourced from this stone, and lepidolite stones boast natural amounts of lithium that are rather soothing and emotionally stabilizing overall.
  1. stones and crystals for anxietyRhodonite is Ready to Combat Stress: This stone of love promotes calmness in many ways, but primarily it affects the heart chakra. Rhodonite gives you more self-assurance in thoughts and actions, giving one a greater sense of self-love and appreciation. It further assists in achieving greater attunement levels to balance emotions in chaotic times.
  1. stones and crystals for anxietyBloodstone Gives You Backbone: If you are the nervous type or feel skitterish at times, this courage stone can help you get beyond energy field imbalances. In turn, this helps center the chakras – the heart chakra, in particular – allowing one to easier recognize the necessity of times of turmoil prior to resolution and acceptance. This acknowledgement alone promotes understanding, affecting happiness levels in profound ways.
  1. stones and crystals for anxietyJasper Juices the Spirit: There are many types of jasper healing stones. Often regarded as supreme nurturing stones, Jasper can have a profound effect on the Solar Plexus Chakra – the center of identity, passion and receptivity – and help balance etheric and yin yang energy. Bat Cave Jasper furthers your appreciation for the delights and joys of live and promotes a gentle spirit, while Bruneau Jasper aids in adapting to unknown and unexpected.
  1. stones and crystals for anxietyLapis Lazuli Lights the Soul: The ‘stone of total awareness’ is often associated with the Sky Goddess Isis, and has the tendency to bring one into their sense of ‘the now.’ Having a clearer, more enlightened acceptance that ‘this moment is all that exist right now, and only for right now’ – allows many users to accept life’s little surprises with more ease and comfort. This amazing stone has countless metaphysical properties!
  1. stones and crystals for anxietyRose Quartz Relaxes: Known as one of the most effective (and most affordable and easy to find!) calming stones and crystals for anxiety and stress relief, rose quartz makes me feels as though I’m been nestled by the loving and accepting arms of mother nature. As it balances the heart chakra, many feel anxiety relieve in a matter of minutes by simply holding a piece of rose quartz.

More Natural Methods for Tackling Anxiety

In addition to working with manifesting stones to establish and strengthen your protective shields from anxiety, stress, and energetically draining situations consider:

MeditationMeditation: There are many types of Simple Meditations, but when you’re anxious or stressed out, achieving a deep state of healing meditation can be challenging. Consider focusing in on your breathing, heartbeat, or a candle flame (one in your mind is okay too if you prefer closed eyes). Use your stones to complement your meditation.

Breathing: Deep breathing is a proven relaxation method. However, if you set intentions to remain mindful of your breathing – as you do during meditation – this can prove as steady relaxant to the mind/body/spirit.

In addition to the mentioned stones and crystals for anxiety, some of my favorites also include the Picasso Stone and Cerrussite…tell us about yours!


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