Qigong Healing – Energy Practices and Universal Oneness

Qigong Healing

After attending a two-day event called “Qi Revolution,” I was hooked on the ancient Chinese practice of Qigong. As the group performed each concentrated motion, I could feel my personal Qi — or energy  — rising up through my body, flowing freely from every appendage and going out into the greater collective. Simultaneously, I could feel the accumulated Qi of the others enveloping the room, creating a sense of being shielded and embraced by their positive energy. That’s the whole point of Qigong — to create a sense of universal oneness and embrace the principles of feeling energy and using it for practical natural healing.

What is Qigong?

Pronounced ‘chi-gong,’ Qi means energy and represents the energy in all things, specifically the relationship between energy, matter, and spirit. Gong translates to practice or achievement. Qigong is essentially the practice of concentrated breathing techniques combined with specific and precise body movements. The goal is to culminate powerful healing energy and balancing it within the body. Qigong is also a spiritual discipline. The spiritual aspects of this healing practice evolved from Buddhism and Taoism.

Why Study Qigong Healing?

The healing aspects of medical Qigong address the self-healing and preventive aspects of ancient Chinese medicine, and it primarily addresses stressors of the human body. Science shows that stress kills the human mind, body and spirit. Qigong teaches us to raise our vibrations to address and control reactions to stress which can help prevent and eradicate secondary symptoms such as anxiety, stress, and high blood pressure. Those who practice natural or energy healing modalities often experience ‘burn out’ and these practices can help rejuvenate their positive spirit and promote their healing abilities.

External Qigong healing involves a system of health assessment and treatment without any patient contact and can be performed as a distance healing. Through studies and practice of such applications like 9-breath healing methods, one learns to funnel energy through their body and direct it to those in need. Many Qigong techniques help increase practitioners sensitivity to energy fields, improves the efficacy of treatments, and can be utilized as a stand-alone wellness treatment. Many find combining acupuncture, massage, and therapeutic touch to be complementary holistic therapies to Qigong healing.

Qigong HealingCommon Qigong Benefits

Anyone can benefit from Qigong, not only healers. Because it’s practice is low impact, it can be practiced from seated, standing and supine postures, making ideal for people of all ages. Those who tap into this universal energy will not only develop a greater sense of oneness with the collective, self love and internal peace, but they will gain powerful self-healing abilities. Additionally, practicing this ancient art is believed to help balance energy fields and assist in:

  • Reduce anxiety, stress, and depression.
  • Achieve a greater overall sense of wellbeing and emotional balance.
  • Strengthen your immune and endocrine system.
  • Empower your spirit within the Law of Attraction.
  • Enhance your connection to the divine source and energy healing.
  • Complements other holistic modalities.

Is Qigong Scientifically Proven?

There have been numerous conferences in the United States and China held where academics and physicians have exchanged current Qigong research. So far, it’s been proven to help improve respiration, posture, favorable blood chemistry changes, and to induce relaxation in practicers. Many believe it could be useful in treating cardiovascular disorders, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, arthritis, cancer, headaches and many other conditions. Scientific studies indicate that Qigong benefits may include:

  • Moderating glandular functions, fluids of the spinal cord and brain that mediate mood and pain to propel immunity.
  • Decreasing heart rate and blood pressure by initiating relaxation responses.
  • Inducing alpha and theta brain waves to promote mental focus and further promote heart health.
  • Coordinating brain hemisphere dominance to reduce anxiety and promote deeper sleep.
  • Altering neuro-chemistry profiles to moderate addictions, pain, and depression.
  • Improving disease and illness immunity by increasing the flow of lymphatic fluid while increasing tissue regeneration and cell metabolism rates.

Find a Qi Revolution taking place near you today or find a center that specializes in Qigong practices to enjoy the vast benefits of practicing this wonderful healing and soothing technique.

Qigong Healing

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