“Artificial Distractions” – Keeping You in the Matrix?

the matrix

If you’ve seen the Matrix trilogy, you’re familiar with the concept of ‘living in the matrix’, and the idea that this is ‘real’ is hotly debated and discussed within metaphysical and scientific circles today. For those not familiar with the films or the Hologram Theory, the premise purports that we live in an artificial fractal-holographic universe being computer generated by a perhaps deviant form of artificial intelligence aiming to use humans as an energy source.

Because everything is energy – including humans – we do indeed possess a vast, infinite amount of energetic potential, so malevolent forces wanting to tap into that energy doesn’t seem far fetched. In fact, most of us allow outside forces to vamp on our energy daily and don’t know it! Whether our universe is a false reality/hologram or not – I have no idea. What I DO know is that most technologically advanced societies today tend to live in a false reality and voluntarily give their energy to forces unknown.

the matrix

How Do We Unwittingly Get Caught in the Matrix?

The biggest culprits are the ‘artificial Internet’ and what I like to call the ‘master people-programmer’ – aka television. Indeed, their existence brings us instant access to the world and massive knowledge in an enchanting, addictive way that lures us into spending HOURS and HOURS in front of them…We are now ‘programmed’ not only by what is viewed but we further ‘program’ artificial intelligence to record those ‘must-see’ shows. While inherently not ‘evil’ or ‘bad’ when used organically and responsibly for the purpose of positive communications, educational purposes, and to explore things that serve your higher purpose – they are assets.

the matrixTelevision: Programming Sheeple 24/7

500 channels of scripted and highly false reality shows dominate the airwaves alongside cop shows, poorly humored sitcoms, and scandalous murder mysteries while 24-hour news channels attempt to shock and awe you into a constant state of irrational fears. Sports can be a major energy-draining distraction TV addictions – depending on the season. You must admit it’s gone too far…and rest assured, what you watch is also being documented by some artificial intelligence serving a Matrix beyond our comprehension.

Internet: The Best Friend of those Behind the Matrix

Whether it’s the government or advertisers or just plain stalkers, the Internet is indeed watching you, recording your clicks, likes, shares and bombarding you with ads of ‘related interests’ – even on your Google searches! Essentially, much of what you see as your browse, chat, and participate in social media is governed by whomever is in control of that particular ‘matrix’. They seek to lure you further into their false reality by convincing you to ‘buy’ their product, support, their cause, etc. Furthermore, you will make many false ‘virtual friends’ and see countless false articles and reports throughout your day browsing the web…All these things are invented to upset the masses, program us, draw us further away from our higher purpose and disrupt our connections with the things that really matter, including the very essence of our spiritual nature.

the matrix

How to Unplug from the Matrix and Begin the REAL Journey

I confess in the piece Surviving the Social Media Vortex that I was addicted to Facebook, and after deactivating it – there was an immediate shift in my mood, my energy, and I felt alive and free to again explore both the tangible and spiritual world around me. Here I will share some of the shifts in attitude and insights I have had since getting out of the ‘matrix’ and immersing myself in more organic and positive online environments.

Your Family Misses You: Even if you are only spending two hours online or engrossed in ‘your shows’ that is two hours you’ve sacrificed with those who matter the most. My kiddo almost fainted when I revealed my digital detox saying, ‘Well, welcome back. Are you going to be okay, mom?’

Unplugging Immediately Raises Vibrations: As stated before, the shift was immediate when committing to a digital detox, and I felt truly present all day and clearly saw all the beauty around me…my family, my home, the massive trees and brilliant green grass outside my virtual world.  Living in now allowed me time to clear out old baggage and manifest something I have truly desired for a long time. Vibrations will also raise naturally as you decrease or eliminate your time in front of electromagnetic frequency culprits like televisions and computers.

Digital Detox Heals the Mind/Body/Spirit: With an extra 4-8 hours a day to spare while Internet and TV-free, I had more time to focus on my spiritual growth, higher purpose, and set stronger manifestation intentions. Meditation calms the mind, brings us into the present and helps us receive insights from our subconscious as well as the universal consciousness of unity and peace. Working with chakra stones greatly assisted in balancing the chakras, strengthening the auric field, and increasing my abilities to shield myself from negative energies and EMFs.

Care of Self and Interest in Hobbies: I’d started spending more time online and less time in the kitchen or getting some exercise. My new-found hobby of painting had been shucked aside, and I had slacked off on my daily dose of TerraMin Clay…Unplugging literally plugged me back into those things…and myself!

Until your free your mind body and spirit from the toxic overload and energetic drain that accompanies to much time on the Internet or in front of the idiot box you won’t know what you’re missing! Purge yourself with a digital detox – even it’s a temporary reprieve, it’s one you can benefit from for a lifetime…

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