Banishing Negativity: The Power of Protective Crystals

Protective Crystals

Energy is our most valuable defense on this planet. But, most people are unaware of how significant energy is and how damaging the effects of losing energy can be. For years, I was one of those people: highly sensitive, but completely unaware of why spending time around people in my life who were jealous, angry or unhappy made me feel drained, anxious and sick. It took me years to recognize how my empathy left my energy wide open to the negativity of others — I was bleeding my energy over people who caused me pain. I was losing my life force, but I was finally ready to reclaim it.

When I began working with crystals, I quickly experienced the transformative power that protective stones had on my energy levels. After years of energy loss, working with these crystals restored my inner light, boosted my confidence and healed my auric field. If you’ve been victim to a psychic attack, taken advantage of by a psychic vampire or if you’re struggling to cope with negativity in your environment, these protective crystals will shield and restore your energetic fields and keep you from being harmed.

Protective Crystals

Healing Energetic Disturbances 

If your auric field is weak and you encounter someone negative, you may notice that you feel anxious, listless, tired or unable to think clearly. This is all a sign of an energetic imbalance, which can happen when we unconsciously absorb the thoughts, feelings and subtle energies of someone who is draining, angry or filled with negative energy. These crystals will strengthen your aura from absorbing negative energy while guarding you from future energetic disturbances.

  • Protective CrystalsBlue Kyanite, a self-cleansing stone, rebalances the chakras and repairs any ‘holes’ left by psychic vampires in your energetic fields. This high vibrational stone magnetizes negative energy while shielding you from harm. Blue Kyanite bestows the confidence to peacefully assert yourself and speak the truth to someone who is angry, jealous or vengeful.
  • Protective CrystalsSmokey Quartz cancels out oppressive and intrusive energetic forces. Meditating with Smokey Quartz will reveal areas in your energetic fields where you’ve absorbed someone else’s negative energies. Placing Smokey Quartz on these areas of your body will alchemically transform negativity into positivity and joy. Smokey Quartz also guards against psychic attacks during sleep.

Warding Off Psychic Attacks 

When someone wishes harm upon you, you can suffer the adverse effects of a psychic attack. Signs of a psychic attack include sudden fatigue (especially in the presence of someone negative), mysterious bruising, a vague sense of fear, tension in your core, cold spots on the body, brain fog and unexplained anxiety or depression. In the event of a negative encounter with someone who has drained you of your energy, try these crystals increased psychic protection.

  • Protective CrystalsBlack Obsidian is one of the strongest protective crystals you can wear. This sleek stone’s reflective properties send negative energy immediately back to anyone directing a psychic attack toward you, so use it wisely. If you have already suffered from a psychic attack, this stone will ease your pain.
  • Protective CrystalsJet provides protection against even the most intense of psychic attacks, including curses and black magic. During meditation, this lightweight stone will ground you and potentially illuminate who may be sending a psychic attack in your direction. Make sure to cleanse your Jet in salt or saltwater after every use.

How to Shield Yourself Against Negativity 

Psychic shielding is essential to reclaiming lost energy and preventing further energetic harm. Performing this exercise will create a strong psychic barrier between you and any negativity in your environment. All you need is a piece of Black Tourmaline, a common yet powerful stone, and a quiet space. 

Protective Crystals

  1. Begin by breathing in and out of your nose 10 times. Relax, and focus on the patterns of your breathing.
  2. Hold your crystal in your non-dominant hand. Then, envision a shield made of pure white light extending from your crystal and wrapping around your entire body.
  3. Now, imagine someone who has caused you energetic harm, either in the past or present, approaching your shield. Use an affirmation to renounce them from doing you harm — something like, “no one has permission to hijack my energy”. Feel the power of the barriers you’ve created as you take control of your own energy.
  4. Finally, picture all of the negativity in your life being absorbed into your stone. Watch all of the dark energy lingering around you flow into the crystal in your hand, leaving you free and at peace.

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