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Saturn Retrograde in Scorpio 2015: Revisiting the Underworld 

Saturn Retrograde

Saturn’s final retrograde crusade through Scorpio this summer will be potent and highly transformative — but only if we’re willing to finally accept the Old Taskmaster’s lessons on all things Plutonian, once and for all. Saturn traveled into Sagittarius on December 24, 2015. After trudging through the dark waters of Scorpio, Saturn seemed pleased that […]

Mercury Retrograde May 2015: Think Before You Speak

Mercury Retrograde May 2015

On May 18, Mercury turns Retrograde at 13.4 degrees Gemini. While it’s true that Mercury Retrograde has a reputation for being a troublemaker, this transit facilitates problem solving by bringing to light any underlying issues in our lives. Mercury in Gemini buzzes with mental energy, content to be in the sign that it rules; the Retrograde […]

Ophiuchus: 13th Zodiac Sign or Cosmic Celebrity?


Ophiuchus, also known as Serpentarius, shot to fame as the unofficial thirteenth sign of the Zodiac. For newcomers to astrology, understanding how Ophiuchus fits into the Zodiac wheel may be confusing, especially if your birthdate falls during the window of time that the “sign” rules ( November 29 to December 17). The question: should astrologers […]