Saturn Retrograde in Scorpio 2015: Revisiting the Underworld 

Saturn Retrograde

Saturn’s final retrograde crusade through Scorpio this summer will be potent and highly transformative — but only if we’re willing to finally accept the Old Taskmaster’s lessons on all things Plutonian, once and for all. Saturn traveled into Sagittarius on December 24, 2015. After trudging through the dark waters of Scorpio, Saturn seemed pleased that we learned all that we needed to learn about forgiveness, death and rebirth so he could move onto greener pastures in Sagittarius. 

But, Saturn isn’t quite finished restructuring the Underworld just yet. On March 14, 2015, Saturn went Retrograde in Sagittarius; by mid-June, he will travel back into Scorpio for the last time. Sun signs Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Aquarius and Leo will feel this cycle the most. Saturn is all about tough love — after thinking things over, he realized we won’t get too far with the superficial progress we made during his first trek through Scorpio. Now, we have to do some serious work on healing our Plutonian Shadows in the coming Retrograde cycle…again.   

Saturn Retrograde

The Importance of  Saturn, Why?

Saturn writes life’s rule book, keeping us in check. According to Saturn, we all have lessons we need to learn; much to his chagrin, we tend to resist them. Although his lessons may be painful, he hands them to us to help us become stronger. And contrary to mythology’s terrifying portrait of Kronos, Saturn won’t eat us alive if we fail at mastering them the first time! 

That’s what Saturn’s retrograde and returns are all about: these are ‘last chance’ cycles that give us one more shot to correct our past mistakes, to stand up straight and get it together. By pushing us to our limits, Saturn tries to show us just what we’re capable of doing. Then, we can move forward with clarity and confidence. Saturn doesn’t let us off the hook — taking shortcuts only cheats us out of achieving soul evolution. Now, it’s up to us to conquer the monsters in our closet before Saturn goes direct again on August 1. 

Dealing with Darkness: Saturn and Mastering the Underworld

Saturn in Scorpio lasted for about two years, and during that time we were forced to examine the cracks and crevices of our hearts and souls, including any demons that lurked there. This was a key period to objectively examine any psychic baggage plugging up our lower minds and how to purge it. Now, with Saturn revisiting the realm of Hades, issues from last December are bound to come up from when Saturn went direct. These issues are likely Plutonian in nature, surrounding betrayal, jealousy, power struggles, psychic death and rebirth. By going back into the Underworld, Saturn is giving us one last chance to check our psychic baggage from last year — that is, if we’re ready to give it up.  

Here’s the thing about Scorpio: its fixed, watery nature makes letting go of paradigms and subconscious programming incredibly challenging. Scorpio is complex for its paradoxical love and loathing of transformation. Now, we’re being tasked to examine Scorpio’s karma through Saturn’s scope and ask ourselves: What are we holding onto on a subconscious level that no longer serves us, and why? Where in our lives do we need to release our control? 

Saturn Retrograde

Water signs are emotional, even Scorpio, who can be falsely labeled as icy and unfeeling. Scorpio is a deeply sensitive sign that holds on tightly to everything it has on a psychic level to ensure self-preservation. Unfortunately, harmful psychological patterns can get thrown into the mix, which ironically paves the way to self-destruction. But Saturn’s Retrograde cycle in Scorpio will push us to heal by releasing our pain and self-destructive tendencies instead of internalizing them. Saturn is whispering in our ears: Carpe diem. Stop hiding in the dark. Now is the time to welcome vulnerability, to cry when you feel the tears come, to feel the the power of the spiritual metamorphosis that’s been long awaiting you. 

Remember that every time you’re ready to throw in the towel, working up to Saturn’s standards brings great rewards. And in the case of Saturn’s Retrograde cycle through Scorpio, the rewards will be immense: freedom from psychic pain, and opening the door toward discovering your higher self.

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