High Vibe Lifestyle: How To Raise Your Vibration EVERY Day

High Vibe Lifestyle

Everybody is talking about raising their vibration. Whether it’s for health, or manifestation, or to fit in with the yoga studio crew — people are looking for a high vibe lifestyle. Of course, there are also some people looking to make some moolah off it with a Get Vibes High scheme.  

People claim that there’s a magical answer to everything, and all you have to do is buy a special book, meal plan, or register for an eCourse that’s available in 3 payments for your convenience. Well, it’s actually a lot easier than that. Experts have their place, but when you couple intuition with some basic knowledge, then the answer to virtually anything can reveal itself to you. When it comes to high vibes, the basic knowledge boils down to energy. Everything is energy, and vibrating at a specific rate. “Higher” energies vibrate have a higher frequency that’s light, while “lower” energies have a slower frequency that makes it heavier and more dense. Obviously, higher energy foods are an obvious solution, but it goes beyond that. What we think, and what we feel are just as important (if not more so) than what we eat. Of course, what’s “right” for you will depend on your own body, and your own body’s needs can change daily (thus the need for intuition). With that in mind, here are some basics to guide you into high vibe livin’.

Energize With Fresh Foods

Eating local and organic isn’t just about avoiding poisons and wilted lettuce. The fruits and veggies at Farmer’s Markets have tastes, colors, and texture that make supermarket produce taste like plastic-coated water. So, if you’re looking for food that’s high in vibration and taste, fill up your plate with fresh produce grown in quality soil. But before you take an oath of rawness for all eternity, there are things to know about digestion and raw food.

Everyone’s body has it’s own constitution. Plus, dietary needs are always in flux. So, instead of getting stuck on finding the “one true high vibration diet,” work on listening to your body and tuning in to it’s needs. Focus on eating a diet rich in nutritious super foods, but don’t be afraid to make some tweaks. If your stomach jumps at the sight of cruciferous vegetables, nuts and seeds, sprouts, or root vegetables; take the hint and mix things up. You can try light cooking, eating smaller amounts, dicing them or blending them (for easy digestion), or taking a shot of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice with your meal. Some foods may be best left at the store, and some may just be better cooked. And by all means, enjoy mashed potatoes, cooked rice, noodles, cheese, bread, or whatever fits your fancy. Because (1) They won’t kill you, (2) The more high vibe foods you eat, the more you’ll recognize how different foods affect you, and (3) Stress kills more people than cheese or potatoes. Listen to your body, enjoy your food, and enjoy your life. That’s the real secret to longevity. 

Fresh Foods

And while you’re shopping for more fruits and veggies, don’t forget to grab a few cabbage heads. Unpasteurized fermented foods may be the greatest thing you could ever do for your diet. Raw fermented foods are literally alive thanks to their wealth of probiotic bacteria, so they’re obviously packed with high vibes. But the latest studies on the microbiome have revealed startling information. The brain and the gut are in constant communication. In fact, “brain chemicals” like neurotransmitters and endorphins are being delivered to our microbiota — causing a response in our gut bacteria just as they cause a response in our physical body (which sure explains the connection between stress/anxiety and digestive disorders). In addition, it’s been discovered that neurotransmitter serotonin isn’t just produced by the brain. Actually, as much as 90% of our serotonin may come from the gut! So, make room on your plate for raw fermented foods like sauerkraut, kim chi, and unsweetened yogurt. And don’t forget to wash it down with unpasteurized fermented beverages like apple cider vinegar, kombucha, and kefir. Don’t forget to be selective with your water while you’re at it. Masaru Emoto’s famous water experiments show a shocking difference between city water and water from natural and pristine sources. Consider natural spring water for higher vibes, or charge purified tap water with crystals or the light of a full moon.

Relax & Repair With High Vibe Essential Oils

Different oils come from different plants which have different compounds, thus, they serve different needs. In the case of detoxification and purification, lemon may be the high vibe essential oil of choice. Being high in the antioxidant d-limonene, it’s a powerful liver cleanser with big potential against cancer. If you get a high-grade essential oil (like Mountain Rose Herbs oils), you can detoxify, energize, and enhance immunity by adding 1-2 drops of lemon essential oil to water. This can be done daily, or as needed. 


If you’re looking for the highest vibrations, look to the oils of the holiest and most cherished plants of history. Lavender has been used throughout the ages to perfume, soothe wounds and scars, ease indigestion, and even ward off sickness. In the lab, scientists have seen lavender ease postpartum depression by reducing symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety. Then there’s frankincense and myrrh — the most famous and perhaps even the most holy of all Earth’s fragrances. These prized resins were used for spiritual ceremonies and rituals to invoke a higher state of consciousness. Perhaps the magic of such rituals lied in the “placebo effect,” but the powers of these oils aren’t lost to science. Studies show myrrh is a powerful antibacterial and wound healer. And frankincense takes the magic even further by killing cancer cells and helping epileptic seizures.

We may not have an legit frequency reading on essential oils, but it’s clear that they’re a powerful tool in creating healthy cells. And because of the connection between the olfactory system and the “emotional brain”, they have the incredibly ability to induce positive thoughts and emotions. This bit is crucial with raising your vibes because feelings like anger and anxiety have a lower and heavier vibration, while pleasant emotions like joy are the high vibes that invigorate and energize. So, why not open up your mind (and your nose) and give it a go?

Monatomic Elements/Ormus

The history of alchemy is rife with ancient legends and mysterious connections. And like any good idea, facts have been twisted, hidden, and misconstrued. The history of alchemy is a mysterious tale said to involve everyone from Newton, Pope John XXII,  and the legendary “thrice-born” Hermes Trismegistus. Many have salivated over the the tales of alchemy in pursuit of gold, but a wise few say that was never the point. It’s said that the true heart of alchemy lies not in turning lead into gold, but in transmuting the soul from unclean and “leaden,” to pure and magnificent. However, gold may actually have a role in this process.

There are people that propose that the mystical “white powdered gold” and philosopher’s stone of alchemy are one in the same — and the secret to the long-sought elixir of life. But what could this mysterious white powder be? Many believe it’s a mysterious powder of monatomic elements we know  as ormus. Ormus aka ORMEs aka Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements. Ormus seems to have a fascinating connection to history and ancient civilizations. Writings from ancient and advanced cultures suggest that gold was a part of their diet. The Egyptian hieroglyphs still standing today are filled with conical cakes that have been dubbed “shewbread.” It’s said they were called the bread of life, but some believe that this connection to bread wasn’t literal, but figurative. It sounds like a long shot, but what we know as “shewbread,” the ancient Egyptians knew as “mfktz.” Translation: spirit fire stone

Monatomic Elements

It’s quite a tale, and it seems far too mystical to be true, but… What truth could lurk within these myths and rumors? Why did alchemy speak so much of gold when the goal was to transform the soul? What could have sparked the ancient quest for eternal life? How do all these connect, and how could ormus possibly help spiritual transformation? Well, no one has offered to fund that study or put together the ultimate alchemy reader, as it so happens. Yes, The thought of drinking exotic metal surely sounds either (1) insane, (2) impossible, (3) ridiculous, or (4) all of the above. But this is one of those things you just have to try for yourself. If you’re intrigued, start by doing some Ormus research (check out this post on monatomic elements from Science Of Wholeness). If you’re intuition nags at you to try it, then research the different suppliers out there. When buying Ormus, it’s important to know that everybody is different, thus every body will respond differently. Also, the quality and potency will depend upon the company you buy it from. I can personally recommend Mother Earth Alchemy. I’ve been using their Phinneas Manna — an intro-to-m-state-elements of sorts — and I’m pleased as punch with the results.


Detoxing through music? Yeah, that’s either sounds ridiculously insane, or ridiculously simple. And it is! Simple, that is!

Everyone’s talking about how “everything is vibration,” and even though it’s overused and barely understood, it’s about as true as a statement gets. Organs, tissues, cells, atoms, and particles are vibrating with energy. Even emotions (an electromagnetic energy) have a frequency! These masses of energy are all vibrating, emitting their individual frequency. Music is composed of soundwaves which also have their own frequency. This is important, because like frequencies join together in what’s called “sympathetic resonance” — causing them to attune to each other. This is part of the science behind the binaural beats and isochronic tones used in brain entrainment music.

Music And Intention

So, when it comes to attuning brain waves, body organs, energy centers (chakras), or emotions (those have a frequency too), musical tones pose some serious power. If we’re wanting to buzz at a high vibration, we need music that has us feeling uplifted and clear. It’s argued that music in 432 Hz is more harmonious than the standard music produced at 440 Hz. You can test it for yourself by listening to some of the 432 Hz music on YouTube. If you want to really dive into the rabbit hole, a great place to start is chakra tones and Solfeggio frequencies. There’s a fantastic post on Solfeggio Frequencies from Soma Energetics. The tones have interesting ties to the bible and the Pythagorean method. Soma Energetics has actually used the tones along with tuning forks and seen some very interesting results.


With what we’re learning about energy, it’s clear that we need to be more wary of what we wear and why. T-shirts with negative statements are an energetic downer; both with how the statements affect the wearer and people that read them, and with the production process itself (ie. the environment, any mistreatment of employees, the support of negative business practices, etc.). We need to be wearing things and using things that make us feel good. Whether it’s the message it shares, the material it’s made of, the company it supports, or the practices it helps fund; all these things play a role in creating a positive and fulfilling lifestyle. If we can feel good about what we’re buying, using, and wearing, we can make high vibes a regular part of daily life.

Crystals are yet another accessory — one of our favorites — which are especially powerful here. Their energetic properties have yet to be studied in a science lab, but crystal fans know all about their uses and benefits. Their impact on emotion and energy are incredible (as someone who has used them to get through some very challenging times, I can personally attest to this). Try crystals out for yourself and you’ll see why the ancients adorned themselves with them. If you want to go for even higher vibes, try out our line of quantum jewelry. Our Genesis Amulets, Egyptian Amulets, Tree Of Life Amulets, and Sacred Geometry Amulets are inscribed with scalar harmonic frequencies that make their high vibes go even higher. And the combo of high frequency with great beauty just makes them even more awesome.

Do you have tips or ideas for making high vibes an everyday thing? Share with us!


 Ash Stevens (“Asha”) is a writer who doubles as a pretend philosopher and a wannabe shaman. When she isn’t writing her soul out on her blog, she’s listening to the great minds (or great comedians) on YouTube, soaking up sunshine, or having yet another fascinating conversation with herself (she gives excellent advice, you know). Find her on Twitter or Facebook and make a new friend!

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