How I perceive Light Language

Light Language

Some of my thoughts about light language:

Light is pockets of information, emanations of intelligence and it presents in many shapes and forms. It can literally be light from the sun, filtering down in it’s multitudes of resplendent colours around us. It can flow through us as hand movements and gestures. It can translate into active movement through dance and body motions. It can channel through us by voice as sounds and tones. It can flow with the swirls of pen and paint.

All these various forms express and share pockets of intelligence and information that the mind won’t necessarily consciously understand, but the body and soul will feel. A deep stirring. Without finding it odd, strange, weird or unusual. The mind tries to dissect and understand things, that is the job of the mind. To be entirely rational. But light codes bypass this level of cognition. I would say it goes straight to the heart. It is something that stirs us in the deepest levels. Sometimes we can’t even put words to it (and that’s because words are of the mind, yet again).

In times past, on earlier timelines on this planet, we needed validation through the mind. We desperately required it. Without being able to connect to something in a shape, a form, or a picture filtered through the lens of the mind, we were lost. And that is how many a religion shared its philosophies with those of their tribe. Giving clear tangible cognitive examples that the mind could dissect and compartmentalize. Viewing made possible with mind based examples. Tangible examples.

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Light language is in many ways the opposite of this. It is a feeling and sensing based aspect that we tune into. Perhaps simply just a matter of Knowing without needing “evidence”. As more and more people step out of the mind based energy that has governed us for thousands of years, they step into the heart. The beautiful, sacred chamber of the heart. Through the portal of the heart centre, they call in higher levels of themselves from all other timelines that they have lived on, other parts of themselves they have been through all eternity. And as they do this, they anchor into their bodies more and more, anchoring and grounding their full multidimensional presence – all these many aspects of them. As this continues, they will start to FEEL these light codes sing through their cells. Weaving, dancing, singing their song.

Such is the joy, the delight, the pleasure and the mysticism that is light language. That which is without (our greater multidimensional expression) is brought down into our sacred heart space, within. The meeting of the electric (cognitive) and the magnetic (feminine). The uniting and balancing of the masculine and the feminine. The return to completion as the mind and heart join as One.


Reena has recently rebirthed herself. Releasing herself from old patterns, outdated programmes, old ideas, old ideas and relationships, she has laid out a new template for herself. Happy to stand in the full presence, power and potential that she is. Ready to take on board every single blessing that life is offering up to her. Highly accomplished and multi-skilled, she is open to personal 1:1 work and bespoke offerings, packaged for you.

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