Feeling Emotionally Drained? Clearing the Throat Chakra Can Help

Throat Chakra

As a whole hearted risk taker, let me say that putting my focus on the fifth chakra, or throat chakra, has maybe one of my riskiest and boldest endeavors of all time. Coming from a gal that finds jumping off bridges, riding motorcycles, and well just about anything you dare me to do to be no problem – opening these chakras has given me as many fits as an asthmatic that smokes two packs a day.

When I say opening and clearing the throat chakra or fifth chakra, I’m not talking about going Sarah Palin rogue and saying exactly what’s on your mind even though it’s hurtful, the wrong thing to say at the wrong time, nor do I mean just putting it all out there. Take it from me, someone who tried that method for about a week until I needed waders to get around my own bog while working on the throat chakra.

However, the throat chakra is where anger is stored and finally released from; hence the possibility for change, healing, and spiritual transformation are located here.

The Fifth ChakraThe Fifth Chakra is About the Search for Inner Truth

Opening and clearing chakras takes a committed effort on your part, as you have to be willing to let you inner truths be brought out, explored, and released to succeed. Associated with parts of the consciousness pertaining to expressing and receiving communications – whether they be through spoken words, writing, art, movement, or music, one ability to express themselves is wholly related to one’s ability to receive them.

Also associated with the state of consciousness we often call grace, the throat chakra allows one to be a receiver of universal information or insights from their higher power. Part of balancing and clearing this field is accepting what guidance you are offered with a sense of unconditional receiving. As one listens to their intuition and allows the flow of Yin & Energies to work as they should, it may seem as if the universe is supportive of all you do.

Your sense of hearing is ruled by this chakra along with the element of ether, which is the most subtle of physical elements that correlates to what would be found in deep space. Essentially, in metaphysical realms, ether is where the physical and spiritual dimensions crossover; hence, one who observes the world through the throat chakra watches their goals flow and manifest.

Chakras Affect EmotionalChakras Affect Emotional and Physical Health – Signs You Need a Clearing

Chakras closely relate to specific aspects of ones physical and emotional well being, and the throat chakra is thought to relate to the thyroid gland, the endocrine system, and of course, the throat. Some emotional signs of a blocked fifth chakra include:

  • Difficulty expressing yourself
  • Habitual lying
  • Holding back in certain aspects
  • Timid in nature
  • Pent up frustrations

Physical signs of a blocked throat chakra include ailments such as hypothyroidism, sore throat, chronic inflammations, back pain, ear infections, and skin irritations.

Clearing and Balancing Chakras for Physical and Emotional Healing

Part of any healing process should begin with a good organic detox to prepare the body for emotional healing. One of the easiest ways to work with chakras is with stone therapy and meditation. Working with stones with blue hues are most effective at clearing and healing the throat chakra – lapis lazuli, Brazilian blue quartz stones work well, as do gem stones like aquamarine, sapphire, and turquoise.

Blue symbolizes inspiration, devotion, infinity, and produces a sense of calm and peace making it an ideal meditation stone for working with the throat and other chakras.

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