Make a Wish! The Magical Rewards of 11:11 and Sacred Numerology


Have you ever heard a friend or an acquaintance say “11:11, make a wish!”? This popular phrase has been going around for years. But, have you ever wondered what 11:11 actually means, or why wishing on these numbers brings good luck? Curious about the 11:11 myth, I researched to find the answer. What I found genuinely surprised me: seeing 11:11 is not only good luck, but also a wake-up call from the Universe urging us to open our eyes to achieving our higher potential and manifesting our dreams.

Breaking Down 11:11 with Numerology

The power behind 11:11 all begins with a key number: 1. In numerology, the number 1 symbolizes the core essence of selfhood, motivating us to find out who we truly are and leave our mark on the world. The number 1 is all about creation, a powerhouse of pure energy that drives us to act on impulse and instinct. The number 11, considered a master number in numerology, doubles the power of the number 1. Carrying vibrations of the number 2, the number 11 emphasizes balance and harmony, yin and yang — a synthesizing of dual energies. When we see this number, we’re tasked to examine ourselves and observe where in our lives we’re lacking balance.

Above all, the number 11 encourages us to listen to our inner voice. So, when we come across 11:11, we’re encountering an extreme concentration of positive energy that has the potential to open new doors in our lives. 11:11 quadruples the underlying message of the 1: all creation begins with thought and intention. When we see 11:11, we’re receiving a green light from the Universe to focus on everything that we want in order to make our dreams a reality.

Go For It: Using 11:11 to Achieve Your True Potential

11:11As a standalone number, 11 has exceptionally high vibrations. If you’ve been seeing 11:11 online, on your clock or elsewhere, it’s time to ask yourself: am I doing all that I can to achieve my dreams? When 11:11 appears in your life, it’s a symbol meant to motivate you into taking action. Now, more than ever, your thoughts are aligning with your true will. The phrase ‘don’t dream it, be it’ is the best way to explain how 11:11 works. If you’ve been seeing 11:11 recently and you feel like you’re about to hit a major breakthrough in your life’s journey, keep pushing forward — don’t give up! Above all, 11:11 is a celestial combination but urges us to keep our feet planted firmly on the ground. Thinking positive and creating a concrete plan for success are essential. By balancing the material with the spiritual, your rewards will be endless.

My Experiences with 11:11

I didn’t begin to consider how 11:11 could operate in my life until I began to see the number 11 itself come up everywhere. Flipping through a book, I seemed to always land on page 11. The first available check-out line? 11. This went on for weeks! When this was going on, I was in the midst of working out a plan for the next phase in my astrology business, but I was hitting a wall. It seemed like even the Universal messages I were receiving were lacking something…and in this case, it was that lucky second 11! However, after reflecting on my current situation, I came to the solid conclusion that the number 11 recurring in my life was a wake-up call that I had been missing one of two key ‘gateways’ to my success: knowing exactly what I wanted before I made a plan to go out and get it. While I already possessed more than enough willpower to succeed, some of the details behind my business were too vague to be actualized. No wonder I wasn’t getting the results I’d dreamed of — I didn’t know what I really wanted the end result to be! When I balanced out my dreams with reality by making a concrete plan, I knew I vastly  increased my chances of success.


Whether you’re in the midst of a major life change or in the process of creating a new invention, seeing 1, 11, 111 or 11:11 is a gift that you’re getting closer to discovering the greatness that you are. The next time you see 11:11, take a moment to think about where your life is headed  – and remember that you are, and always have been, the co-creator of your own reality. 

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