Negative Energy: How to Protect Your Aura from Psychic Vampires

Negative Energy

Have you ever noticed how someone comes into your presence and seemingly drains all the positive energy and life out of you, even if they are only around briefly? These people, my friends, are what we call leeches or psychic vampires. Essentially, negative energy can come at you from predisposed thoughts and feelings you receive and harbor from experiences with others. They can also invade you when someone else fosters negative wishes and intentions towards you.

Negative energy is all around you just waiting for you to pick it up, and any time you expose yourself to others, you are also exposed to their subtle vibrations and energies. Through such encounters, energies like fear, anger, criticism, blame, doubt, and judgment can find and embrace the essence of your very being throughout childhood and adulthood – right alongside those of love, acceptance, and spirituality.

Negative Energy and Disharmonic Frequencies Invade Youfrequency

Learning how to protect your aura is essential, because you are more susceptible to negative energy and thoughts when you are overstressed, experiencing negativity yourself, or when you suffer chakra imbalances. Emotions in others can be somewhat contagious, as these disharmonic frequencies pass themselves along through vibrations to others in a weakened state and attaching like leeches. Anger and irritability are also easily transitioned to others. Whether it be intentional or not, those who invade your energy in this fashion are known as psychic vampires or leeches.

Regardless of whether it’s your past, present associations, or current state of chakra imbalances that allow negative energy and disharmonic frequencies to invade you, what’s most important is learning how to protect your aura from them, how to realign your chakras, and how to restore the state of balance between your subtle bodies.

Personal Energy Balancing Through Recognition and Release

To ward off psychic vampires and auric attacks of negative energy, there are personal methods that you can do that will shield you. The first is to simply become the most complete, loving being that you can. Your thoughts and feelings of loving energy, peace, and happiness within yourself can work wonders in dissolving any intrinsic parts that are unbalanced while healing auric tears.

Another approach is the Recognition/Surrender/Release approach. First, you recognize the problems that are sourcing your low energy, then you surrender and release them, putting your trust in the higher power. As you spend less time thinking about how things should be and less time trying to control them, the more things that really should in your life will manifest themselves.

How to Protect Your Aura, Realign Chakras, and Raise Vibrations with Stones

When using stones, crystals, or the guidance of a trained energy healer, these processes are often accelerated. Learning to protect your aura from negative energy becomes even more powerful when combined with the use of harmonically infused, vibrational quantum stones or crystals. Much like talismans that have carried for protection and manifestation for thousands of years, these stones boast individual properties, but each offers protection from psychic vampires, negative energy, and auric tears.

There are many ways to use stones and crystals to heal auric field imbalances or damaged places in the auric fields, but one of the simplest is to wear or carry a protection stone on your person. Gemstone jewelry like Quantum Pendants have undergone an innovative lightstream infusion technology process that enhances their auric protection and chakra healing abilities. Choosing the right stone for your pendant or gemstone healing jewelry will depend on what areas you need to focus on healing the most.

Stones for Auric Protection and Warding off Negative Energy

Most darkly hued stones will repel or dissolve negative feelings and replace them positive ones. Such stones include black hematite and smoky quartz; however, rose quartz is also an ideal choice and a top protector of emotional wellbeing. Top stone and gemstone selections for those seeking protection and clearing of negative energy also include:

  • Red Jasper
  • Amethyst
  • Red Carnelian
  • Quartz
  • Green Aventurine
  • Tiger’s Eye
  • Turquoise

Essentially, modern technology meets Old World knowledge of stones as harnessers of memory and vibration with LightShield™ Infused Quantum Pendants. Raise your vibrations, heal your Seven Subtle Bodies, enhance meditation, and ward off those psychic vampires with one simple piece of healing jewelry.

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