Master Your Perceptions by Opening the Third Eye Chakra

opening the third eye chakra

The sixth layer of the seven major chakras and it is also commonly known as the brow or third eye chakra. This layer is considered the spiritual Vision Center and is located in the center of the forehead. Activating and opening this chakra of psychic power and intelligence is how one can become attune with – and aware of – the motivations that lie behind their subconscious actions.

Considered the opening to your inner being and the dictator of your spiritual views, this region directs how you view the world and respond to it. It is where your blueprint for reality and inner vision lies; it is the center of psychic abilities, the energies of light and spirit, and higher intuition. The 6th chakra is also associated with your cosmic connection to the divine and extra sensory perception. Individuals with powerful ESP abilities are highly attuned with their brown chakra and likely open and close the third eye at will.

Opening the Third Eye Chakra – Become Your Own Master

When you clear, open, and activate the third eye chakra, it helps purify negative tendencies and eliminate selfish attitudes. Through the activation of the brow chakra, one may:

  • Become more open to spiritual and universal guidance
  • Experience telepathy or astral projection
  • Remember past lives
  • Lose attraction to material things
  • Experience less egotistical thoughts
  • No longer fear the future or death
  • See things more clearly and for what they really are
  • Feel more decisive in thoughts and actions

Essentially, you can become your own master – the master of your self and your perceptions – and live more consciously in the present. Deep states of meditation and using healing crystals and stones while activating the third eye chakra can increase the magnitude and results of your personal experience.

opening the third eye chakraHealing Crystals and Stones for Opening the Third Eye Chakra

Stones are powerful healers and when used properly and with intent, they can help one enjoy a more prolific experience when balancing or opening the brow chakra. Color is a key element in determining the auric field and chakras that a particular stone or crystal affects and resonates with. The sixth chakra is most associated with indigo, purple, and deep blue stones. Healing crystals and stones commonly used in opening the third eye chakra include:

Amethyst – Strongly enhances spiritual and psychic energies and receptivity

Lapiz Lazuli – The stone of total awareness imparts truth and wisdom

Sodalite – Bridges a conscious connection into the subconscious mind

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