Exploring the Heart Chakra – What’s Love Got to Do With It?

Heart Chakra

Ever notice how some people are amazingly able to give and take love equally while others seem to only take, take, take and some just give love until they are drained like a lone coconut on a desert island with a dozen castaways? Finding that middle ground and becoming one who excels at both giving and receiving the love and acceptance that you deserve may lie in clearing and balancing the heart chakra – also known as the fourth chakra.

We all have heart scars, some certainly more than others. While many have the willingness and desire to heal these wounds that can last a lifetime, only a few ultimately succeed in breaking the chains that bind them to these internal hurts. Some, unfortunately break down and succumb to a life without ever knowing real love and freedom from hurt, asking themselves again and again after each heartache, “Why me, Why Now?”

MeditationSigns of Imbalances in the Heart Chakra: Discovering Love and Freedom

Do you frequently find yourself feeling emotionally beat down, have difficulty in relationships, depend on someone else for your own happiness, or attempt to live vicariously through others without enjoyment yourself? Do you ever feel paranoid, indecisive, sorry for yourself, afraid of getting hurt or letting go, or unworthy of love…you likely have a blocked or imbalanced heart chakra.

Physically, one may suffer from high blood pressure, insomnia, breathing issues, stress in the shoulders and upper back, circulatory issues, or even suffer from a heart attack with issues within this field. With so much heartache, pain, and suffering in the world today it’s no wonder heart disease is the number one killer. Healing takes time and willingness, and the heart chakra may indeed be the most in depth and complex auric field to work with and balance for many.

Achieve the Highest States of Consciousness and Love

The Heart Chakra is the love center that directs one’s ability to give and receive love –to love themselves and others. The heart chakra is the balance point of all chakras and ultimately governs our interactions and relationships with others. When balanced, the heart chakra allows us to express acceptance of ourselves, of others, to truly embrace our personal values and ethics – to embrace our unique direction and destination in life – oneness with mind/body/spirit.

Meditation-11bWhen the fourth chakra is in balance it allows for the expansion and growth for your mind, body, spirit connection. As one who wears the Rose Quartz Sun Ray Pendant in effort to free myself from these issues and achieve greater enlightenment, let me tell you – as you release these heart scars you will feel a lot of old pain and feelings of unworthiness rise to the surface. You may have trouble sleeping and concentrating at first, but the more work and meditation that you do with the stone, the easier it gets to open up to seeing these hurts for what they real are…old baggage and false realities and notions.

As the control center for compassion and unconditional feelings and thoughts, balancing the fourth chakra can help one overcome troubles in achieving love…so if you just can’t seem to find THE one…join the club. You may be able to have somewhat complacent relationships of even marriages for a while with a blocked heart chakra, but even such relationships are likely to improve and sustain when opening up the most important segment of your seven subtle bodies of the auric field. First and foremost to work with the heart chakra, you must nurture yourself and recognize your own value and worth and let the rest fall into place as you discover your higher vibrations as you heal.

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