The Sacral Chakra – Healing the Survival Center for Higher Vibrations

Sacral Chakra Healing

While the male sexual center primarily lies within the base chakra, a female’s sexual energies reside within the second, or Sacral Hara chakra. Located within the belly and reproductive organs (ovaries of females and in the testes of males) the sacral chakra is regarded as the Survival Center that controls one’s instinctual energy, relationships and interactions with others, emotions, and sexual desires. Have you ever felt a slight churning Sacral Chakra male-femaleor buzzing in your stomach anytime you feel threatened by issues with money, family, or basic needs being met? This is your sacral chakra talking to you and the other energy centers seeking resolutions, guidance, and balance to survive.

When the sacral chakra is blocked by an accumulation of stressors whether physical, emotional, or electromagnetically sourced – you’re entire auric field, all Seven Subtle Bodies – suffer. The mind/body/connection becomes weak, your vibrations are lowered, and your ability to manifest what you truly want in life is impeded. Symptoms of a blocked second chakra can present themselves emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Emotional Symptoms of Blocked Sacral Chakra

The second or sacral chakra governs self-worth, intuition, confidence in yourself, creativity, esteem in your ability to comfortably relate to others in a positive and open way. Blockages or imbalances in this field are often influenced by repressed and even expressed emotions from childhood and adulthood, and this can impede healthy sexual impulses and emotional expression. Some individuals with imbalances and blockages in the sacral chakra may be emotionally explosive, obsessed with having/or not having sexual relations, and they may also lack energy and be somewhat manipulative.  It’s likely one needs a second chakra clearing if such symptoms are exhibited along with other physical manifestations in the body.

Physical Symptoms of an Unbalanced Second Chakra

Encompassing much of the stomach and sexual organs, this auric field can present several physical symptoms both sporadically and chronically. Sexual dysfunction or obsession is surely a primary indicator, but other symptoms may persist in the form of:

  • Kidney Problems
  • Digestive Issues
  • Stiff Lower Back
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Reproductive Problems

Healing and Balancing the Sacral Chakra with Color and Quantum Stones

Sacral Chakra HealingAssociated with the water element and the color orange, the sacral chakra responds well to these spectrums, particularly when using gemstones and crystals for healing and balancing. Orange symbolizes energy and is a combination of red (personality) and yellow (wisdom), governs one’s creative attitudes in relationships, sex, and reproduction. Bringing in a bit of orange resonance merges the creative and sexual energies of the sacral chakra into the sensitivities and personal realm of the third chakra.

By mixing red and yellow spectrums along with this balance one can ground their understanding of the emotional stability achieved in our physical relationship with Mother Earth and rid themselves of fear and many of the fight-or-flight conflicts associated with the Base or Root Chakra. Think of your auric fields as a rainbow snow cone…without one flavor melding into the next…it just isn’t the same. Your fields want and need to communicate and resonate with each other for you to achieve a higher state of being and manifestation.

Recommended for Healing and Balancing the Sacral Chakra:  Carnelian & Tiger Eye

Quantum Healing Stones like  Carnelian are grounding, but highly resonating, making them ideal for those seeking to achieve greater self-awareness through healing the second chakra. Tiger Eye Pendants promote  vitality  aid in transitional periods and tapping into passions. Both are superior healers and balancers of the sacral chakra.

All of our crystal gemstones and Quantum Stones are harmonically treated Lightshield Infused Amulets that are powerful sources of vibrations that can help activate, energize, rebalance, and unblock the chakras. As these stone’s energies harmonize and resonate with yours, your aura begins to clear the chakras begin to balance and restore your mind/body/spirit connection. These tools grow in power when utilized during meditational states and for healing – discover higher vibrations with this combination of primitive and modern technology.

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