The Doorway of Your Imagination


There was a point in your life; one single point, at your conception, when you were born into existence. Your life force entered into the world of form, yet you were not yet formed by the physical. At that moment, you were the essence of yourself, and nothing more. In the next instant, you became affected upon by the world of form. Everything physical; touch, sound, feel, changed and mutated your path. As you became physical, you became susceptible to the physical. You began to make your journey of physical life on this earth. Yet the pathway remained to your higher self, to the pure self that began your existence in the physical world. Some of us have not used the pathway ever, or not enough.

As the years have gone by, you may have felt that you lost yourself. The phrase, “I feel lost” is indicative of your having forgotten the pure you who came into this world in the form of your physical body. Many of us have become lost. The stories are different, but the message is the same. Maybe you have been beaten down by the world by ill treatment or wrong doings. Maybe you have been distracted by the temptations of temporary pleasures such as worldly goods, lusty desires, death-defying thrills or mind-numbing addictions. Many of us have lost our way home.


The pathway to your higher self is through a portal that allows movement in two directions. The door to the pathway is through your imagination, but imagination is not the pathway itself. Imagination is not the destination, the pathway or the journey. It is only the doorway. When you open the doorway of imagination, you are lighting up the pathway to your higher self; the self you were born to be.

When we speak of using our imagination to reach our higher self, we are speaking of reaching the higher self to receive the message of who we are, and where we are meant to go, what we are meant to do. Our imagination doorway is not limited by what others tell us we should do, or what people tell us we are incapable of doing. It is simply there, waiting for you to use it, and to seek the answers you will find. You will not find the answer here, in these words. You will only find answers when you use the key to open the door of your own imagination.


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