Using Amazonite to Heal Your Relationship With Your Emotions


Making peace with our emotions and being receptive to the feelings of others without being overwhelmed by them is challenging, but one that we can overcome by self-reflecting with Amazonite. Showing what we perceive as ‘weak’ emotions in front of other people, even those we care about most, can be intimidating. Taking someone else’s anger or mercurial moods personally is something we all struggle with, for some of us on a daily basis. Coming to terms with our attitudes about our emotions and how we react to the way others express their feelings is an essential step we have to take to increase our self-awareness. In doing so, we’re not only becoming more comfortable with our and other people’s emotions — we’re learning how to avoid letting emotions rule our entire being and influence us to make negative or impulsive decisions.

How I Made Peace With Expressing my Emotions Using Amazonite

AmazoniteWhat makes it so difficult for so many of us to show others how we truly feel? Until recently, I never realized how difficult it can be for me to openly express my feelings without feeling afraid of what others might think about me. Admitting my disappointment or sadness in fear of hurting someone else has always been a struggle. So has crying in public and even in the company of those closest to me. I was raised in a household where I felt I had to constantly monitor my feelings out of fear of upsetting people who were supposed to support me. As a child of a depressive and unstable parent, I learned that censoring oneself is the easiest way one can avoid conflict, emotional abuse or neglect. It’s safe to say that for those of us who struggle with our feelings, childhood programming is a major cause of our issues. 

Over the last year, working with crystals has drastically helped me open my heart to healing myself from my childhood conditioning. One of the best crystals I’ve used to repair my relationship with my emotions is Amazonite. Its soothing jade color resonates with the Heart Chakra and balances out emotional energy. Working with Amazonite has helped me honor my emotions rather than suppress them. Although I still have a long way to go, the healing energy of Amazonite has helped me recognize that I’m worthy of expressing my feelings to others without fear.

AmazoniteUsing Amazonite to Understand and Accept the Root of Your Emotions

The more you work with Amazonite, the easier it will be for you to nurture yourself and understand the root of your emotions. Mediating with this stone while dealing with upsetting or conflicting emotions makes it easier to take a step back, identify their source and avoid being consumed by them. Carrying this stone will balance your emotional equilibrium and yield a sense of self-acceptance. If you tend to be hard on yourself for being emotional or feel ashamed for sharing feelings or weaknesses that make you feel vulnerable, using Amazonite will help you see that none of us are enlightened beings exempt from the ups and downs of life and feeling overwhelmed by them. Judging ourselves as weak or silly for reaching out to others while suffering only makes healing more challenging. The more honest we are with ourselves and others about how we feel, the easier life becomes.

Find Freedom in Learning How to Not Take Other People’s Emotions Personally

Amazonite contains a powerful energy that will help you avoid internalizing the negative moods of others. As an empath, I’ve found it particularly challenging not to take on the emotions of others and mistake them as my own. Wearing Amazonite in a situation where I know I’ll be encountering someone who is angry, spiteful or deeply unhappy helps me stay centered and detached from what they’re feeling, all while retaining as much understanding as possible for that person.


Like most people, I have the occasional tendency of dwelling on conflicts and negative events I’ve experienced in my life. Whenever I do this and I start becoming angry or upset when I think about how awful someone was to me in their selfishness or anger, I take my favorite piece of Amazonite, count backwards from ten, breathe in and out slowly and try to imagine being in their shoes. I consider why they did and said the things they did, and in doing so the crystal gives me the clarity to recognize that almost 99% of the time, their actions had nothing to do with me. Taking their moods personally and even allowing them to affect me was a huge mistake. The power in this stone has helped me gather the strength to free myself from being overwhelmed by the emotions of others, and it can do the same for you.

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