4 Tips for Maximum Benefits with Your Quantum Science Pendant

Quantum Science Pendant

If you own a LightShield™ energy quantum science pendant, you already understand the potential health and emotional benefits of these healing stones and crystals. However, there are few lesser known facts about the pendants that we occasionally get questions about from current and potential wearers. Here are 4 essential facts about quantum science pendants that we think you’ll enjoy learning about, too.

1. Avoid Letting Others Wear or Hold Your Quantum Science Pendant

Rainbow Labradorite w/Moonstone Body – Scarab Egyptian Amulet (Front)Essentially, the pendants learn particular information about your system and begin to harmonize with it accordingly. Your scalar energy pendant begins cycling your information the moment you first hold or wear it, and the process magnifies the longer you have it in your possession. If you allow someone else to come into such contact with these healing stones and crystals, this stored information gets shared and exchanged.

This means that your resonance can be absorbed by the borrower, who in turn shares their information that gets locked into the pendant. While in itself, this is not likely to be harmful, it certainly can prohibit your quantum science pendant from working to its maximum potential for either individual. Unless you are very close with a person and desire to share your resonance and become privy to theirs, keeping your stone to yourself is recommended.

2. Airport Travel and X-ray Scanning Concerns

Lapis Lazuli w/Blue Labradorite Eye – Horus Egyptian AmuletYour quantum science pendant offers you protection from the adverse effects of x-ray and body scanning technologies and radiation. While pendants that feature metal chains and silver design enhancements will certainly set off the detector, we recommend that you go ahead and wear it through such checkpoints at airports and other places requiring body scans. If necessary, you can always take it off for a re-scan, but you’ll enjoy the extra protection as the harmonizing environment still resonates with you post removal.

Don’t worry – the EMF protection and frequencies are locked into your quantum science pendant and will not be affected by x-ray scanning. However, if you want to keep your healing stones and crystals in the most harmonious environment when you travel, leave it at home or place it in your larger suitcases that you will not carry onboard the plane.

3. Sleeping with Your Scalar Energy Pendant

LightShield™ Quantum Science Pendants range from calming to energizing healing stones and crystals, and each will have a different effect on the sleeping patterns of the wearer. If you are very sensitive or already suffer from insomnia, it might be best to remove your pendant 2-3 hours prior to attempting to rest. If you want to maintain your frequencies at a steady base line or promote dream states, you might consider placing your scalar energy pendant beneath your pillow or attempt to sleep using a base level calming Source Pendant.

4. The Affects of Your Negative Energy and Your Quantum Science Pendant

Rainbow Labradorite – Solar Egyptian Amulet (Front)The powers of healing stones and crystals such as our scalar energy pendants are designed to resonate with your emotions whether they are positive or negative. If you find yourself having a trying day, your pendant may help elevate your mood in a positive way. However, if you’re in a violent situation surrounded by rage or repetitive negative thoughts, you may want to remove your pendant until the waters calm. In such cases, you may want to consider cleansing your healing stone in salt water to clear subtle negative energies from the upset.

If you’re looking for more answers to the most commonly asked questions about your quantum science pendant, see our Pendant FAQ’s.

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