Quantum Stone Pendant True Story – Anne Goetz

Quantum Stone Pendant True Story – Anne Goetz

S-104 Tiger IronBecause I’m always looking to hone and define the few talents in my possession, I ordered the tiger iron Quantum Stone pendant. According to the website, the tiger iron:

  • Promotes vitality
  • Aids in transitional periods and stress-reduction
  • Fosters creativity
  • Helps  tap into undiscovered talents and passions.

A skeptic at heart, I was initially worried about the type of experience I would have with this pendant. I anxiously awaited its arrival to see what would happen.

Week One

It arrived one incongruous Monday morning, and I immediately noticed two things:

  1. I was drawn to the smoothness of the stone.
  2. It was gorgeous.

I slipped it on immediately and returned to work at my corner desk in my work-from-home business as a freelance writer.

I found myself fiddling with the pendant throughout the day, working it absently with my left hand as I researched and composed and typed away. For whatever reason, words and work came easier that day and every day of the week that followed.

That first week was the most productive one I’d had in months.

Week Two

Week two found me becoming more enamored with the appearance of my new pendant. Never big on jewelry, I found its Bohemian style oddly fun and unique. I began searching the Internet for Bohemian-style pieces that would complement it.

It was during an Internet graphics search for “Bohemian Bracelets” that I accidently stumbled upon the MoneyPak Virus. My computer immediately froze up and became a lifeless lump of metal taking up space on my desk.

Normally, I would have found this terrifying, as anyone who’s ever contracted the Moneypak Virus can tell you–it was not developed by sane people. This virus freezes your computer screen while extorting you for a $300 fee payable to the “FBI”. Your supposed indiscretion? Downloading kiddy porn.

On this day, however, I didn’t panic–maybe because I was wearing my pendant or maybe because a friend had recently battled this same virus, and I knew what it was, or possibly because of a combination of the two. My husband, Awesome IT guy, also just happened to be home when the unthinkable happened. For whatever reason, he was able to remove the virus without doing any damage to the computer–almost unheard of with this particular virus.

Another day saved. Was it my tiger iron at play?

Week Three

Week three brought about the biggest change of all.

I’ve always been extremely introverted–hence my choice of career. I am not one to take unnecessary risks or move easily out of my comfort zone, so when I decided, off the cuff, to send a query letter to a local print magazine, it was totally out of character. I’d always wanted to try my hand at “real” journalism, however–the kind that sends you out into the field dressed in real clothes and talking to real people.

I was never more surprised than when the editor told me he could use someone with my skills and added me to his list of freelance staff. Suddenly, I was a local freelance journalist awaiting a mission.

This, I found truly unbelievable.

There was definitely a bigger power at work here than myself. And while I will always give God the credit for all the good in my life, I find it possible that he brought me into proximity with a pendant that made me feel good enough about myself to try flexing my creative muscles.

Week Four

Week four found me in a constant state of ups and downs–a good friend experienced great results with her chemotherapy for breast cancer. My sister’s health nosedived to an all-time low and then rebounded part-way. I took on my first assignment for the print magazine with great success, and my neighbor’s mother passed away.  It was a week wracked with emotions both good and bad, but through it all, I was able to maintain a strangely even keel, and that’s not like me at all. I’ve always been a glass-half-empty girl, leaning toward cynicism and certain the worst is yet to come.

That doesn’t seem to describe me anymore, however. Lately, I’ve been a living a little more in-the-moment, unafraid of what the future might bring. Overall, there’s a sense of well-being that wasn’t there before–as though everything is already taken care of–God’s influence, for sure. The stress-relieving  properties of the tiger iron? Why not?

I’ve come to realize that just because something is unexplainable doesn’t make it untrue. In fact, that’s the very definition of faith–believing in something or someone that sounds too far-fetched to be viable.

And I’ve always considered myself a person of faith. Did my tiger iron pendant bring me fame and fortune? No. I think what it brought me was more subtle–a difference in the way I feel about myself, a slight shift in mindset toward what’s yet to be instead of what might have been.

Would I recommend it to a friend? Unequivocally, yes. It’s attractive. It’s quirky. And I feel good about myself when I ‘m wearing it.

And with these weapons in my arsenal, I can face anything life tosses my way.

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