5 Easy Ways to Raise Your Energy and Vibration


Raising your vibrations, raising your frequency – terms we hear more commonly in this time of universal enlightenment – the practice isn’t quite as complex as quantum physics like it may sound. In fact, you can increase your physical and spiritual energy and vibration fairly easily through many practices with a genuine focus and intentions to do so. Raising your energy and vibration allows you to resonate at higher frequencies, making things possible in your reality and within the higher realm. You become more in tune and aware of your self, your source, and grow closer to fulfilling your soul’s desires.

Energy and Vibration

How to Raise Your Energy and Vibrations and Elevate Your Mind

There are boundless ways to increase your energy and vibration, and these are just five we find to be simple and beneficial to the mind body spirit connection.

1. Detox your body and mineralize. A mineralizing detox regimen is a fantastic way to raise your vibrations. Our daily environment wreaks havoc on our bodies. Environmental pollutants, electromagnetic fields, and a predominance of our food sources toxify our bodies at a profound rate. A toxic body doesn’t resonate at its highest potential as the glandular system becomes blocked, impeding the vibrational spinning and resonance of the chakras and energy bodies. Detox the body, open up these blockages, and your vibrations will be raised simply because your body feels better.

2. Truly experience compassion. When you genuinely feel and express love or concern for another, your energy and vibration is immediately raised. Positive thoughts of any type will raise your vibrations and frequency; in turn, negative thoughts will lower your vibrations and shrink your auras resonance field. Practice compassion consciously every day by being aware of your thoughts and words and their affect not only on yourself, but on others around you.

3. What about your friends? Consider taking a social inventory or sorts. Are you surrounded by energy vampires? You know who we mean – the constant complainers, liars, pessimists, and others who just have a bad attitude overall. These people drain your energy and vibration levels, while surrounding yourself with like-minded people who are peaceful, optimistic, loving, and kind will cause a surge in your resonance.

4. Free your emotions with journaling. Journaling offers great opportunities to release any pent up burdens, to discover and express your desires, and to truly get you know yourself. It’s also an opportunity to see your personal growth for yourself, as you can view previous entries next to recent ones and see how raising your energy and vibration, detoxing your body, or how meditation has helped you move along in your journey.

5. Practice meditation. Whether you join a group, follow a recorded meditation at home, or sit in concentration with a meditation stone, the practice itself is a powerful way to foster higher vibrations. While your vibrations are raised, it’s a prime time to listen to your higher intuition and gain universal insights – all you have to do is become open and receptive to the information you receive. These insights alone can lead to higher vibrations, as you continue your journey with answers as to your purpose.

In a state of higher energy and vibration, you are in an excellent position to truly think and speak of what you want and begin manifesting the reality you desire.

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